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Torre dell’Orso – a perfect place for a swim!

The Marina of Melendugno was again, like every year, awarded with the “Bandiera Blu” for excellent water conditions of the sea and beautiful beaches along the coast. Clean Waters, sometimes crystal clear with  50 shades of green and blue. A superb and excellent location to enjoy a beautiful swim.


The “Bandiera Blue” is an award given to Seaside Resorts which have to fulfill different criteria (33 in total) to be rewarded with this desirable award.

” The Blue Flag is an international award, established in 1987 and is awarded every year in 49 countries (initially only in Europe, non-European, more recently, with the support and participation of the two UN agencies: UNEP (United Nations program for the environment) and UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) with which the FEE has signed a global partnership Protocol and recognized by UNESCO as a world leader in environmental education and education for sustainable development).

Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded to seaside resorts that meet criteria relating to sustainable land management.

Main objective of this program is to address the local management policy of several coastal resorts, towards an environmental sustainability process. “

Torre dell’Orso is a Marina of Melendugno, with a beach about 1km long, protected from two rocky ridges on the sides and being backed with a large pine forest. Du to these natural given protections the bay is usually calm. The water here remain shallow for several meters, which makes it an ideal location for children to play in the water.


The beach offers its Tourist a lot of possibilities apart from its fine white sand and excellent water. You will find Bars / Lidos, where you can rent umbrellas and sun beds to relax all day long, while watching your children play in the sand or water. The other parts of the beach are unequipped. Here you play some games or just be lazy in the sun 🙂


Torre dell’Orso is a very popular destination for tourists from all over Europe. For  a lot of them the first visit was the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Once you have been here, you will always want to come back. The small seaside resort offers everything you might need for your holidays under the south Italian sun: amazing beach, fantastic water conditions, beautiful mediterranean landscape, excellent kitchen, all necessary services and amenities and sun, sun, sun…

We from CaseSalento invite you to spend the summer here with us in one of our beautiful Villas, Houses and Apartments. Torre dell’Orso is waiting for you 🙂



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