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San Foca – Summer in the Sun

Today I was thinking to tell you little bit about San Foca, a tourist destination on the Adriatic coast of Salento.

San Foca was born as a fishing village. Fischer began to built small shelters to store their equipment and materials. Slowly the village began to be populated and inhabited. Today San Foca is fully developed to a tourist destination with all necessary amenities and services need to spend a fantastic holiday under the south Italian sun.


The newly renovated and enlarged harbour gives the opportunity for tourists to arrive directly by boat. Further you are able to rent boats in different sizes to go on a little cruise and explore caves and hidden beaches, only reachable by boat.


In San Foca you have two beautiful beaches which are separated by the above mentioned harbour. On the left hand side you have ‘Brigantini’ and on the right hand side you find the beach “degli aranci” (in dialect you would say ‘marangi’) . The Brigantini is basically a beach right in the village. Along this white stretch of sand you have a beautiful promenade to take romantic walks in the moonshine.


The beach “degli aranci” is a little to the right, 2min on foot from the harbour. Here you find a beach Bar where you get a refreshing cocktail or rent sun beds and umbrellas. The water here remains quite shallow for some meters, which makes it a good location for children of all ages.


All in all San Foca is a tourist destination par excellence. You will find everything you desire on a vacation under the sun with your family or friends. We from CaseSalento are operating here for you. Our houses can be seen on http://www.villainpuglia.it/EN/ and on http://www.villesalento.it/index.html#/

We are looking forward to meet you!!!

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