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Spiaggiabella – An Oasis of Nature

Spiaggiabella is one wonderful resort located just 10min east of Lecce on the Adriatic coast of Salento. It is located in the natural park “Parco naturale regionale Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio” (Rauccio Woods and Marshes regional nature park).

The Area

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The Lake


The Wood


On Sunday May 15 the ProLoco of Spiaggiabella organised an event to promote the 5 marines (Torre Rinalda, Spiaggiabella, Torre Chianca, Frigole and San Cataldo) of Lecce.


The objective was to promote the areas and raise awareness of the natural beauty of these resorts on the coast east of Lecce. All the resorts are significant rural and natural. We won´t find much Nightlife here. Main characteristics of the marines are tranquility, peace and a natural environment that gets respected in to sustain its beauty for the future. Tourists will find a calm and relaxing atmosphere, far away from the daily city life, surrounded by forests, parks and a lake. while the wood invites you to have walks and bicycle rides, you will find a beach of several kilometres with a few beach bars and Kite Surf School. The beach is never too crowded, even in August, so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the beautiful sea and the natural surrounding.


The houses are occupied during the summer by families and residents of the the surrounding cities and villages. Hence, no Mass Tourism – only relaxing moments under the South Italian sun.

But lets get back to our excursion

The bicycle trip started on the beach of Spiaggiabella and led us trough the natural park to one of the entrances of the Wood. There we left the bikes and continued on food with a guide. He informed us about the history and development of the wood and the area of the natural park.


If you are staying here you should visit it yourself, guided or not, it will be a fantastic experience. On our website you can find the houses we have on offer for holidays during the summer. Some of the Villas are right on the beach 😉

Here you can have a look how the beach looks like 🙂


See you soon!!!


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