The legend of the “Le due sorelle” on the beach of Torre Dell’Orso

24 Ott

Here it is the legend about one of the most well-known symbols of Salento, “Le due sorelle” (litteraly “Two sisters”), the faraglioni that stand in the crystal clear water of Torre Dell’Orso.

Enjoy the story…

A long long time ago, before the Romans and the Greeks, when the world was ruled by the Gods, in a sunny and happy land, caressed by the wind and washed by the sea, two twin girls were born.

This two girls were really special. Teodora had black hair, slightly wavy, a dark complexion and a pair of sky-blue eyes. Marina was blonde, with liscious hair and big emerald green eyes. The beauty was so flowery in those two creatures, to take on a magnetic force.

The girls grew up and became two wonderful women, shapely, with an extraordinary beauty and an excellent intelligence.

Their soul, on the other way round, was not as noble as their appearance. They used to make fun of the other men and women. They loved humiliating people. Their heart was so black, in contrast to their amazing look.

One event happened that would have changed the history.

Teodora and Marina were having a swim in their very thin and transparent costumes.

The sea was rough, but not too much for an adult, when the happy family of Eugene, a skilled merchant of the area, came and spent some time on the seaside. With Eugenio, there were Rosaria, his wife and Speranzo, his son, a nice child.

Speranzo loved looking for crabs on the cliff, despite the rough sea. He was not afraid, since his father was an expert swimmer. The both of two started to swim, paying attention to the strongest waves.

When the two sisters, envious and wicked, noticed Eugene and his happy family, started to approach them. Teodora looked Eugenio, while she was touching her breasts and adjusting her costume. Marina came to the other side, approached Eugenio and asking him to help her to adjust her hair.

Eugenio, struck by such a beauty, left Speranzo’s hand and touched the girl’s hair. A wave came, a crash was heard. The water had pushed Speranzo onto a sharp rock. His head was hit violently. The baby was bleeding.

Eugenio picked him up and ran towards the shore. Speranzo couldn’t breathe anymore. His little heart stopped beating. Rosaria collapsed on that poor, inert body. Eugenio raised his head to the sky and screamed. The two sisters went off into the sea, then turned to the beach and watching the scene, started to laugh.

Suddenly, a golden figure with a shimmering trident came out from the sea.

Poseidon turned to the two women, saying, “You were lucky: you were born intelligent and with an extraordinary beauty, but you haven’t been able to use well these qualities and today you destroyed a good family, causing the death of a good boy. You no longer deserve to live, but you will be an example for all the mankind”.

Poseidon pointed the trident at Marina and Theodora. A bright flash came out and struck the girls. They had been petrified.

Since then “The Two Sisters of Torre dell’Orso” stand there, to remind men that virtues have to be used for good purposes.

Enjoy a nice video on the wonderful Torre dell’Orso;)



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