The snails of Salento, the recipe of “municeddhi”

24 Feb

If you believe that the French are the only ones to cook and eat snails, you are wrong! In Salento “municeddhi”(snails) are a traditional dish cooked in various ways (roasted or in a pan).

In Cannole (near Otranto), every summer, there is one of the oldest and most famous festival of Salento dedicated to snails. In the recipe that we introduce here, we show you how to cook the municeddhi in a pan with a delicious sauce.

To find out other typical dishes of Salento, look at the following link!



300 gr. of snails

10 cherry tomatoes

1 onion

1 glass of white wine


extra virgin olive oil

chili pepper

bay leaves


Wash the snails well with cold water and boil them in plenty of salted water. Meanwhile, get a saucepan and stir-fried the onion. When the onion is golden, add the snails and cook for about ten minutes on very low heat.

Add the tomatoes, the bay leaves and the basil with salt and pepper. Mix everything well and cook for another twenty minutes, still low heat, and stirring occasionally. You will be surprise by the taste!

To try the recipe and learn from live chef’s advice, you must come on holiday in one of our villas and book a cooking experience with the chef at home.

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