Salento’s fish soup, let’s learn how to cook “Lu quataru”

24 Mar

The philosophy behind this dish is to cook fish that fishermen could no longer sell because damaged by fishing nets. Far from being a “recovery” meal, today “lu quataru” is the most requested dish in the restaurants of the Ionian coast. Try to do it at home with this recipe!

To find out other typical dishes of Salento, look at the following link!



1 cuttlefish

2 crabs

1 Small octopus

Bluefish (scorpionfish, lappane, grouper, perch)

1 onion

1 clove of garlic


8-10 yellow or datterino tomatoes

Olive oil


Chili pepper or pepper

Wash all the fish and eviscerate them. Clean the cuttlefish, separating the head from the tentacles and removing the bone, the ink bag and the bowels. Cut into small pieces. Clean the octopus by removing the beak and the eyes and cut into small pieces. Rinse and drain.

Brown the onion, the garlic and the parsley in a base of olive oil, then add the tomatoes. Cook for about ten minutes. Stretch with water to obtain a brothy sauce. When it starts to simmer, start gradually to add the fish: first the hard meat (cuttlefish, octopus, crabs), then, after five minutes, add the remaining fish (first the largest and, gradually, a few minutes away, the smaller ones). Do not use tools to stir, but shake the pan. The fish must be covered by the stock.

Traditionally, the broth of the quatara was lengthened with sea water, therefore already sapid. For home preparations, wait for the end of cooking to salt. Add pepper or chilli pepper according to your taste.

To try the recipe and learn from live chef’s advice, you must come on holiday in one of our villas and book a cooking experience with the chef at home.

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