Discovering Salento, between sea and amusement parks: Carrisiland!

7 Apr

Carrisiland is much more than just an amusement park. Located on the Provincial Road 51, towards Oria, the park is divided between the aquatic area, with 13500mq of Caribbean pools, and the wooded area, with 60 hectares of greenery.

Those who choose to spend a holiday in the amusement park will be spoiled for choice on the activities to do.

The water park is divided into Isla Encantada and Isla Dorada. In addition to the pools, you can relax in the lawn areas with sun loungers and solarium.

In the wood, however, you can admire some species of plants such as mushrooms, cyclamens, myrtle, pine and holm oaks and watch animals such as foxes, hares, martens, porcupines and birds. Three trains will allow you to move comfortably in the area, to discover the village of Tarzan, the jungle and the minizoo (where ostriches, Tibetan goats, camels, fallow deer and more live).

Do not miss the Jurassic Area, with models of herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivores in natural size, and the entertainment area with the Gonfiapark, the Covo dei Briganti. The picnic area and the siesta are themed “Once upon a time in the west” and also the western one is the theme of the amusement park with Kocis Indian Village, where you can learn about the history, uses and customs of the American Indians.


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