Discovering Salento, between sea and amusement parks: museum of natural history

12 Mag

The Museum of Natural History in Calimera, a few kilometers south of Lecce, is the ideal place to observe the variety of the naturalistic heritage of Salento.

With over two thousand square meters of exhibition space, the museum is the largest in Southern Italy and is divided into two paths: the Vivarium and the wildlife park. The exhibition sections are classified by subject: from Astronomy to Mineralogy, from Paleontology to Botany.

As well as being a center of study and research, the Museum is also an important center for the protection and recovery of local and exotic wildlife in difficulty or abandoned.

Its main research lines are aimed at the study of nature conservation, systematics and biogeography of Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles and Birds.

Inside the museum you must visit the Mesocosmo, which is one of the largest Butterfly Houses in Italy with 630 square meters and a height of 6 meters.

In the mesocosmo there are many varieties of butterflies and tropical insects. During the visit, you will be immersed in the rainforest, whose setting is faithfully rebuilt. A great experience, not only for the little ones, is guaranteed!


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