Things to do on holidays in Salento in April

14 Feb

Days that get longer, Easter holidays, milder air. Still not enough to convince you to come on holiday in Salento in April? So, get ready to read the other reasons below!

The most of you would associate Salento with the word sea and beaches, and therefore summer, but this is not exactly right. The extreme strip of Italy facing East has been for centuries a crossroads between two worlds and still today retains the signs of this geopolitical feature in architecture, monuments, food and culture.

For this reason, Salento is a land to be discovered in all seasons, starting from Spring, when the climate grants a perfect respite from the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

THE NATURAL LANDSCAPES – The breathtaking views of the coast, bathed by two seas, the Ionian to the west and the Adriatic to the east, are the ideal location for diving and sunbathing, but not only. Exploring Salento through walking or cycling routes will give you a unique experience in contact with nature.

The colors and scents of the “Macchia Mediterranea” (typical local vegetation), the majesty of the holm oak and pine forests and the enchantment of the fauna will leave you speechless. We highly recommend a visit to the natural parks or the walking and cycling routes along the “Via Francigena”.

THE MONUMENTS – Not only Baroque. Lecce, the capital of Salento, is the best known expression in the south of the 17th century artistic movement: Basilica of Santa Croce, the Cathedral, Piazza Sant’Oronzo and the numerous churches are the jewels kept in the old town.

But Salento also preserves numerous artistic traces of other historical moments. The Cathedral of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria in Galatina is one of the most famous examples of Gothic art in Puglia. And again, the Cathedral of Otranto, testimony of Romanesque art, houses the precious floor mosaic dating back to the Middle Ages. Gallipoli, the pearl of the Ionian Sea, encloses an old town full of references to the East.

GASTRONOMY – The cultural richness of Salento also passes through the culinary tradition, a real art. “Sagne ‘ncannulate”, “Ciceri e tria”, “Orecchiette con le cime di rapa” and “Tajeddrha” are the names of some typical dishes that we recommend to taste once you are here.

The fame of products such as “Pasticciotto” (a shortcrust pastry filled with custard), “Rustico” (tasty round-shaped snack of puff pastry with bechamel sauce, tomato and mozzarella sauce) and “Frise” (rings of toasted bread baked) has exceeded the borders of the region. The tradition of wines is also renowned: from Primitivo to Negroamaro and Salice Salentino.

Here, some tips for your stay in Salento:

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