Natural oasis of Salento: the park “Litorale di Ugento”

7 Mar

Established in 2007, the “Litorale di Ugento” Natural Park covers about 1600 hectares in the area between Torre San Giovanni and Lido Marini. The reserve is characterized by a profound variety of landscapes that go from sandy beaches to rocky ones

From the place known as “Pazze” to Torre San Giovanni, in fact, the coast appears low and rocky, while from Torre San Giovanni to Lido Marini it becomes sandy and is characterized by a series of low dunes. Typical of this oasis are in fact the so-called “gravinelle“, or karst gullies carved into the rock by the water.

As for the Cesine, this park is also ideal for bird watching, since in the wetlands you can admire migratory birds such as herons, egrets and bitterns. Many other animals populate the woods such as fox, hedgehog, stone marten and badger.

The “Litorale di Ugento” Park is rich in natural habitats. Among rosemary, prickly juniper and pine forests, the rare and colorful orchids stand out.

The “Litorale di Ugento” Natural Park can be reached from Lecce by taking the west ring road towards Gallipoli and with the State Road 274 Gallipoli-Santa Maria di Leuca with the exit at Felline. The visitor center is in Piazza Adolfo Colosso in Ugento. To find out other natural parks in Salento, read here.

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