The “underground” Salento: the crypt of the Crucifix in Ugento

6 Mar

Beyond the beaches and the sea that make Salento‘s panoramas an extraordinary paradise with an exotic charm, this land hides secret places that tell of precious artistic and architectural testimonies, as well. The “underground” Salento is a tour to discover the hidden places of Salento. Read here to find out more.

Crypt of the Crucifix – It is an art treasure chest with totally frescoed walls and ceiling. Particular designs: griffins, fantastic figures and plant motifs alternate between black crusader shields, symbol of the Teutonic knights and shields with red cross, of the Templars. Among the frescoes, dated 12th-17th centuries, there is also the beautiful Madonna holding the Child with the earring to the lobe.

Ugento – Located about 60 km south of Lecce, the town was recognized as a city of art in 2008 for its architectural, archaeological and environmental beauties. With a coastline of about 12 km mainly low and sandy, Ugento boasts some of the most beautiful marinas in Salento such as Torre San Giovanni, Torre Mozza and Lido Marini.

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