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Choose a villa close to the seaside for your next holidays

17 Gen

Are you looking at the horizon instead of filling in the invoices? Do you find yourself staring at the magnets of exotic places upon your fridge? Or, does the scent of freshly washed linen remind you of that memory of last summer? Well, it’s time to think about your next vacation! A villa close to the beach is the ideal solution for your summer 2021.

Even for next season, in fact, people will choose to spend their holidays in villas on the beach. There are numerous seaside resorts in Italy and Salento, with its kilometers of coastline washed by two seas, is the ideal destination for next summer.

In the garden relaxing with friends, or having lunch outside looking at the sea with the beach just a stone’s throw away. No, you are not daydreaming! It is the image of your stay if you decide to spend it in a villa on the beach. The independent solutions, a stone’s throw from the sea, represent an excellent location to spend your holidays in safety, in perfect balance between privacy, independence and cleanliness of the rooms.

Villa code m160

So, if you choose the Adriatic coast, facing the white sand of San Foca and its shallow and crystalline waters, a fantastic villa with direct access to the beach awaits you with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a covered veranda where you can relax at the sight of the blue of the sea.

Or near Lecce, very close to the unspoiled landscapes of the “Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio” regional natural park, you can stay in this large villa (4 bedrooms and two bathrooms) in Spiaggiabella. The outdoor garden (with Jacuzzi) will give you unique moments of relaxation and tranquility, away from the frenzy of everyday life.

The view of the sea of ​​Porto Miggiano with its suggestive inlet is perfectly enjoyable from the garden of this villa, ideal for comfort and elegance. Four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and two living rooms, created in rooms with vaulted ceilings in stone and finely furnished. The large garden, equipped with tables and chairs and embellished with plants, flowers and olive trees, is divided into comfortable terraced areas, separated by characteristic “muretti a secco”.

On the other side, the Ionian coast, the options are as many as on the Adriatic coast. You just have to choose the location: in the renowned Porto Cesareo, in the “La Strea” basin area, an elegant beachfront villa with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is what you will need to switch off, thanks to the well-kept garden with plants and flowers, equipped for relaxing afternoons to enjoy the summer breeze.

Or, in Sant’Isidoro (nearby Porto Cesareo), you will be a stone’s throw from the fine sandy beach, if you decide to stay in this spacious villa with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The covered veranda will be the perfect place for your outdoor dinners or lunches, enjoying a spectacular view.

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Holidays 2021, villas with pool the new trend. Choose the one that fits you!

10 Gen
Villa code m990

Cleanliness, privacy, peace: the three P‘s that will set the trend in 2021 holidays! Also for the next season, people will choose a place that guarantees a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation of the environments, a reserved space, sheltered from the frenzy of the city pace, and a location that ensures tranquility and comfort.

Villas with swimming pool are the ideal solutions for not giving up on your holidays! “Times are changing” sang Bob Dylan in 1964, a very current statement even in this period, at least for the tourism sector. The requirements for choosing a suitable solution for your holidays are changing compared to the trends of recent years.

Villa code m900

Longer stays, in places that have few common spaces and that guarantee a certain tranquility, with particular attention to the cleaning of the rooms. The 2021 holiday trend will still be the choice of residences for exclusive use for your family or for the few friends that you have chosen to go on holiday.

Villa code m595

Villas with swimming pools are the solution that best embodies all the “musts” for an unforgettable stay. These are in fact beautiful residences that combine the charm of the rooms with the safety of spaces.

Meticulously sanitized, with exclusive use of the swimming pool and with exteriors of considerable size (they are often gardens or real endless countryside), the villas with swimming pool are an ideal microcosm, perfectly self-sufficient, for those who want to disconnect from the routine without running any risk.

Villa code m780

The relaxation area by the pool is ideal for sunbathing, while the covered veranda, sheltered from the heat of the summer sun, will grant you moments of absolute relaxation for outdoor lunches and dinners or simply to read a book. The garden that embraces the villa is the ideal location for long walks or morning jogging.

Villa code m590

From Lecce to Leuca, all just a few minutes drive from the most famous beaches, both sandy and rocky, there is something for everyone.

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Self check-in: enter your holiday house in a smart, safe and automatic way

8 Gen

You have just arrived at the destination you have meticulously chosen for your holidays, the sun is high, the sea is beautiful and funny days await for you! Ok, but there is still an obstacle between you and the start of the holidays: the front door of the house / villa you rented!

And then, sweaty and tired from the journey and with luggage, you start waiting for someone to open you the door! With self check-in all this will be over and arriving at a holiday home will be exactly like entering your home.

There are a number of objective advantages when you choose to book a house or villa with a swimming pool for your holidays: your own spaces, independence in moving around, autonomy in the organization of the day. The other side of the coin, however, can be the check-in. Before entering the house, in fact, you have to wait the host for the keys and to receive useful instructions.

The self check-in indicates all available technologies that allow the guest to enter the apartment independently without the intervention of the landlord. All of this is done in complete safety to ensure that only authorized people have access to the property.

So you can say stop to the long and frustrating waits; host and guest save time and you can plan your vacation entirely remotely, from your desk: from the first click to choose the house / villa of your dreams to entering the home.

THE DEVICES – Safety boxes, mechanical locks or smart devices allow you to automate the home entry procedure:

  • SAFETY BOX – It can be a padlock container or a box to be attached to the wall near the entrance, where the keys will be left and whose opening is entrusted to a combination previously communicated to the guest.
  • ELECTRONIC LOCK – The lock with digital buttons is easily installed at the entrance with the advantage that the guest will not have to carry the keys with him when moving, thus avoiding losing them and being locked out.
  • SMART LOCK – Access is done remotely via mobile devices. These systems connect to the home intercom and allow you to open the door using a special smartphone application.

ADVANTAGES – Zero waits, no restrictions on entry times. You arrive when you want and enter the house as if it were your home! Contacts between the host and the tourist are reduced considerably without renouncing to have a warm welcome. In fact, all useful information will be provided in advance to the guest who, upon arrival, will only have to get comfortable and enjoy the holidays!

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Smart working, find how working in a “smart way” in Apulia, in a villa with swimming pool or house with a sea view

3 Gen

In front of your computer on the desk at home, sipping a coffee in comfortable clothes. No, it is not the subject of a painting by a contemporary artist, but the image that we get to know in the few recent months: the smart working worker.

Villa code m600

What would happen if, to the scene described above, we tried to add the background of a Salento countryside or the blue sea of ​​Salento? Surely it would be a dream, you think. But no. This is what you can have if you choose to spend a few days or weeks in a holiday villa with swimming pool or sea view.

Villa code m590

Smart working or, literally “agile work”, is, according to the definition of law 81/2017, “a method of executing the employment relationship […] without precise time or place constraints, with the use of technological tools”. Flexibility and autonomy, through the aid of technologies, are therefore the characteristics of this way of working, which most Italian companies have resorted to to give a concrete response to the health emergency.

After a few months, you can draw a balance on the advantages of this unusual organization of work: eliminate travel with consequent savings on time and the cost of transport, always be on time and use your own “dress code” that fits perfectly with your own comfort.

Villa code m300

The ability to work remotely overshadows the importance of the place where this takes place. And so, why necessarily wait for vacation to enjoy the benefits of a dream location? Taking part in a company call, answering e-mails, completing a project could be less demanding tasks if you are immersed in the tranquility of a garden with a sea view, or by the pool of a fantastic villa surrounded by the countryside.

Villa code m250

A quiet atmosphere and a natural landscape bring undoubted advantages to the conduct of work. Not to mention that you can bring your family with you, who in the meantime can take the opportunity to take a dip in the pool, a walk by the sea or play outdoors.

If you are a group of friends, however, you have the privacy to dedicate yourself to remote work and, in your free time, share the conviviality of the common spaces. The unlimited wi-fi internet connection will guarantee you an impeccable quality of work, while other comforts (garden, barbecue, parking space) will give you all the comforts you need.

If you want to make your work truly “smart”, increasing your ability to concentrate and, therefore, your productivity and efficiency, our solutions are waiting for you here:

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Salento, things to do on holidays in October in Salento

23 Ago

In Salento, summer doesn’t end on September 21st. The warm season, in fact, lasts at least one month longer, not only thanks to the temperatures that continue to be pleasant, but also because the events still go on.

If you come to Salento in October, you can enjoy natural landscapes (beaches, sea, countryside) in total relax, exploring new itineraries, taking advantage of the respite from the summer heat. The period, therefore, is ideal for planning walks through cycle-tourist routes, visiting museums and admiring the churches and architectural beauties of every corner of Salento.

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Things to do if you’re on holidays in Salento in September

16 Ago

Uncrowded beaches, mild temperatures, many events: spending your holidays in September in Salento means enjoying the most beautiful sides of summer without the crowds of the August holidays.

If you have chosen the month of September for your holiday, Salento will be your ideal destination. That’s why. Continua a leggere

Choose the right beach in Salento depending on the winds. A guide for you

7 Giu

Salento is a land surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on one side and by the Ionian Sea on the other. This allows you to enjoy two different seas in only one vacation! In addition, the distance between one coast and the another is about 50km, so you will have the chance to explore the beauty of both the coasts in one day, driving for an hour.

Being surrounded by two seas, give you the to choose the right beach with the perfect sea every day, depending on the winds.

Before choosing your destination, therefore, consult the weather on your smartphone, take a quick look at this short guide and you will always find the sea with perfect weather conditions. Continua a leggere

Things to see in Gallipoli on holidays

17 Mag

Gallipoli, in the last few years, has become the most popular destination in Salento especially for the youngest people. The nightlife and the wonderful beaches have made the village one of the most ideal places to spend holidays. Gallipoli, however, with its old town, its churches and monuments is worth a visit for its architectural beauties as well.

Facing the Ionian Sea, Gallipoli is located along the west coast of Salento and is divided into two distinct areas: the old town, which stands on an island of limestone, and the new village, connected to the island by a bridge dating back to the 17th century. Continua a leggere

Ferienhäuser und Villen, die beste Lösung für einen Urlaub in 2020

28 Apr


Ferienhäuser- / Wohnungen und Villen sind in diesen Zeiten sicherlich die sichersten Orte um einen entspannten Urlaub mit seiner Familie zu verbringen.


Warum ist es gerade jetzt ideal den Urlaub in einem privaten Ferienhaus-/Wohnung oder Villa zu verbringen?

Die Immobilie steht exklusiv nur unseren Gästen zur Verfügung. Einen Urlaub in einer privaten Immobile zu verbringen hat den Vorteil, dass man im kleinen Kreis bleibt und nicht wie Hotels und Clubs zum Beispiel mit vielen anderen Gästen gemeinsame Bereiche teilt. In der Küche werden die Gerichte von einem selbst zubereitet, im Gemeinschaftsraum ist nur die Familie gegenwärtig.



Diese Art von Immobilie ist ein Mini-Ökosystem, in dem Sie wundervolle Ferien in Sicherheit verbringen können. Durch die Anreise mit dem Auto haben Sie dieses dann natürlich auch vor Ort zur Verfügung welches Ihnen die Möglichkeit und sogar Vorteil bietet nahe oder etwas weiter entfernte wunderschöne Ausflugsziele wie Strände oder Exkursionen zu erreichen.


Bei jedem Wechsel zwischen den Bewohnern wird eine sorgfältige und kapillare Reinigung durchgeführt, die auch eine Desinfektion der Räume umfasst. Wir haben ausgezeichnete Sauberkeitsstandards und darüber hinaus werden unsere Immobilien von einer sorgfältigen und respektvollen Kundschaft frequentiert. Unser Team von Reinigungsfachkräften ist bestens ausgestattet mit den notwendigen Produkten die für die tadellose Reinigung und desinfizieren der Räume und Gegenstände gewährleistet.


Wir garantieren SANITISIERUNG unseren Immobilien vor jedem Check in

Wir bieten für jeden Wunsch die verschiedensten Lösungen an, die Sie auf den beiden Seiten unserer Agentur finden können.

Have a nice day & Happy holidays 😉

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The excellent Italian destination: dreaming of Salento ..

24 Apr


The Salento Region is perfectly connected to the boot of Italy and therefore for rest of central Europe. You can arrive independently by car, without using other means of transport, but directly from your homes. Given the good road connections even greater distances can be done in very reasonable time. Some advise, this year, to spend the holidays inside the peninsula.



We go from the enchanted sunrises of Otranto, to the romantic sunsets of Torre Vado, to pass through the authentic villages, scattered among the fragrant wild countryside. This sinuous patch of land caresses the sea without shaking it. The soft beaches kiss transparent water. Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo, Gallipoli, Torre Dell’Orso, San Foca, Pescoluse .. Few other areas of Italy are so dense with panoramic natural paintings, that you can live and feel your own. Relaxation to do what we like, how we like it. An ecstasy.

For those who want, can read a ranking of the best 20 Salentine beaches


Lecce offers real treasures, which you will appreciate walking: Piazza del Vescovato, Piazza Santo Oronzo with the amphitheater, the Church of Santa Croce. You can have an aperitif in the shadow of the Baroque, in the intriguing streets of the historic center. In this video, a fascinating journey through time, to relive the town in the various eras ..

Even Taranto, nestled between the Mar Piccolo and Mar Grande, can revive the ancient and magical atmospheres of Magna Graecia, with the exceptional MarTa museum.


You can choose to start from the authentic Salento villages, staying in one of them: Corigliano d’Otranto, Carpignano Salentino or focus on the elegant Galatina.


In Italy, good food cannot be missing on a self-respecting holiday and here you can satisfy all palates. Fish, meat and products of the earth color the tables and stimulate the appetite with inviting, refined aromas. It is beautiful to make a vegetable refined, already grown in the best way in a land full of sun. Taste and balance guaranteed.


To stay at your best, in a safe and independent way, a holiday villa is a perfect choice, both with swimming pool and on the beach. We can therefore, by slowing down the frenzy that pervades today’s materialistic life (abandoned for over a month), rediscover slow tourism, which enriches in the deep, as the writer of this interesting article claims. We in Salento have made a lifestyle out of slow life… 😉

Happy holiday

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