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The king among the dishes of Sundays, the recipe of the “Sagne ‘ncannulate”

17 Feb

There is no Sunday without a dish of Sagne ‘ncannulate, the fresh pasta par excellence of Salento. Seasoned with tomato sauce and cacio ricotta of Salento, also in the hot variant (ricotta scante), this dish is one of the typical things to try when you are in Salento. Here it is the recipe.

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Countryside chicory: a must of Salento’s cuisine, from the harvest to the table

3 Feb

One of the most important products of this land, the chicories are not a simple side dish. Behind the dish, in fact, there is a tradition that goes from looking for the various types of chicory (“lu zangune” is one of the most famous) in Salento’s countryside, to the harvest, in the rainy months (from November to March).

The harvest needs a precise method: the plants are not tear off the ground, but they are cut off from the root with a knife, in order to make them grow faster. Here, you will find the way to cook the chicory and to make this Salento dish really special!

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Trolls like to party in Salento!

27 Gen

What have the Trolls in common with the people of Salento? Easy! They love to have fun and party together! The traditional inhabitants of the Scandinavian woods, in fact, would certainly move from the cold lands of northern Europe for a holiday full of fun and entertainment in Salento, their land of adoption.

We have thought to some ideal tours for Poppy, Branch and their companions for a wonderful holiday in Salento, far from those Bergen’s faces!

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In Salento we usually eat the aubergines “alla poverella”

20 Gen

In general they are cooked in many ways, but the aubergines “alla poverella” are a very delicious and tasty side dishes … do not be fooled by the name! Try this recipe!

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Booking early a holiday villa, here it is the real benefit

27 Dic

Saving money and enjoying your holiday in a wonderful villa is undoubtedly the mission of every consumer who every day spends a lot of time on the Internet, looking for special offers and discounts on where to spend the holidays.

However, promotions are not always the same. Anyone knows that, for example, “booking early” isn’t necessarily the same of spending less. Here are some tips on how to choose!


“Book early and save money” could be true. Very often, in fact, we read about special promotions related to the timing of the reservation. But there is another benefit in booking early…

Holiday villa in Salento

The real benefit of booking early consists, however, in the possibility to choose the best options: the most beautiful holiday villas o holiday houses are the first to be chosen. So we’d better say: “book for first to choose better!”.


The most interesting offers, conceived to make you really save money, addressed the tourists who stay for a long vacation.

So spending a long holidays in the same place could you bring two clear benefits: saving money and taking care of your health, staying away from the stressful everyday life!

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Here there are some offers of Ville Salento:

  • book for at least two weeks and you will get a 5% discount on the price and a series of benefits (final cleaning included and refreshment upon your arrival).
  • Three consecutive weeks: 10% discount
  • Four weeks or more: 15% discount

Take your time, choose the best villas / houses and book them … and of course enjoy your holidays!

Here are some ideas to start choosing if you are looking for a charming villa with private pool:

Villa code m800 with pool in Galatina

Villa code m600 with sea view in Pescoluse

Sea view villa code m900 with pool in Santa Maria al Bagno

Here, you will find some suggestions for villas very close to the beach:

  1. Villa code m160 close to the sea of San Foca

  2. Villa code m700 very close to the beach of Spiaggiabella

  3. Villa code m520 close to the beach of Porto Cesareo

For info and quotes:


0039 3284617633

Fried eggplants seasoned with tomato sauce and mozzarella, who doesn’t love parmigiana?

16 Dic

The origin of this dish is still uncertain, some attribute it to Sicily, others to Campania or to the city of Parma. What is certain is that Parmigiana has fully taken part into the cooking tradition of Salento. Here is the recipe of our version! 😉

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A classic of Salento’s cuisine, the recipe of “Orecchiette con le cime di rapa”

9 Dic

It is the most rappresentative dish of Puglia. The secret lies in the quality of the turnips and in the particularity of the pasta, the orecchiette. Here it is, in a few simple steps, the recipe for making a unique dish.

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How to prepare traditional Salento’s dishes, the recipe of “li Muersi”

24 Nov

It is a dish with an ancient tradition but you can still find it on the tables of Salento’s families or in the menu of  “sagre” throughout Salento. This dish is able to conjugate the flavor of vegetables to the genuineness of legumes thanks to the pieces of fried bread, that give the name to the dish. Here is the recipe!

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Rustico, here it is the recipe for a dinner with friends

3 Nov

If you tried the dishes of Salento and you felt so much in love to want to try yourself to cook at home, here they are a series of articles with the recipes.

If you’d like to learn more about the typical dishes of Salento, follow this link!


It is good for aperitifs and ideal for a snack. It takes a few simple steps to cook it. Continua a leggere

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