Salento, between sea and amusement parks: the archeological museum in Taranto

5 Mag

The National Archaeological Museum of Taranto (MarTa) has one of the largest collections of artefacts from the Magna Graecia era, including the famous Ori of Taranto.

Reopened in 2007, after a long restoration work, this big museum is divided into a mezzanine floor, used for temporary exhibitions and conferences, and in the foreground where the Greek-Roman section is displayed. The second floor houses the prehistoric section of the Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age.

The finds of the Greek-Roman section are arranged according to the type of materials: from marble sculptures to monumental tombs, from soft stone sculptures to necropolis ceramics and jewellery.

Two rooms are dedicated to marble sculptures dating back to the Hellenistic age. Of particular importance is the collection of gold objects belonging to the period from the archaic age to the Byzantine era, with exquisite and exquisitely made specimens, as well as small objects of common use, including mirrors, make-up boxes and hairpins.

Noteworthy is the collection of ancient paintings and also the beautiful masks on display, depicting personifications of ancestral vices.

The collection boasts a collection of over two hundred thousand pieces and artefacts. This makes MarTa one of the most important museums in Puglia and Italy.


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