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Viaggio nel Salento, travel in Salento, is a tourist information website about Salento, where you will find up-to-date multimedia content and more.
It is a 360 immersive experience in our territory to get to know its beauty, its culture and traditions, and share its values, places and stories.
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Environment & turism

Visit Salento in Winter, Christmas holidays in Otranto

Saying goodbye to the old year in Salento has the flavor of a romantic story. Otranto, in fact, is the most eastern point...

Environment & turism

Visit Salento in Autumn, Fiera di Ognissanti in Carpignano Salentino

It is not Autumn in Salento until the day of the Fiera di Ognissanti, an annual appointment with the tradition held in Carpignano...

Environment & turism

The ideal beach for families? It is Pescoluse (Salento) according to National Geographic

Pescoluse is the beach of Salento  awarded by the National Geographic ranking as the best location for families. The US magazine praises the “crystalline...

Environment & turism

Discovering Grecìa Salentina: Calimera

A small town in the Grecìa Salentina, Calimera is one of the municipalities where grìko, a local dialect of Greek derivation, is still...