Salento, things to see in 3 days on the Adriatic coast

You have the weekend off to escape from the routine and you choose the Salento to enjoy the sun and the wonderful beaches. Yes, we all agree that three days of vacation are not so many, but they can still be enough to appreciate the beauties of this land.

We prepared for you a mini-guide of things to see in the Salento in 3 days, if you travel along the Adriatic coast. If you have planned a longer vacation, read here.


DAY 1, LECCE – The town is undoubtedly the place where we start with our itinerary. We know that Salento means beaches and sea, but a visit to the Baroque city can be full of pleasant surprises. So let’s start with a tour in the central Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the heart of the city with its Roman Amphitheater. Wander across the streets of the historic center to discover the numerous churches, including the Basilica of Santa Croce, San Matteo and the Duomo, symbols of Baroque. Just remember that you are on vacation so enjoy long coffee breaks (naturally with pasticciotto!) in one of the characteristic bars of the old town.


DAY 2, OTRANTO – From Lecce take the coast road and go towards Otranto. Before make a stop in Roca Vecchia to admire the ruins of the castle and the sanctuary, but above all to dive into the crystal clear waters of the Grotta della Poesia, a real natural swimming pool. Get back in the car and, with the salt still on your skin, stop in Otranto, the little jewel of the Adriatic. The historic center, full of narrow streets and craft shops, frames the architectural beauty of the city: the Cathedral with the chapel of the martyrs and the Aragonese Castle, that host important art exhibitions.


DAY 3, CASTRO / TRICASE – For the last day of travel, go towards South to admire one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Italy. From Otranto, along the coast road, you will meet Santa Cesarea Terme, then Castro. Stop here to eat excellent fish and visit the Grotta della Zinzulusa, which takes its name from the “zinzuli”, which are the karst formations of stalactites that hang from the ceiling like “rags”.

Let yourself be guided by the coastline and, admiring the enchanting landscape, you will reach Tricase and Marina Serra, where you can end the itinerary with a swim in the waters of the natural pools. Here, in fact, the sea, bordered by low cliffs, reaches a depth of 20 to 70 cm, giving you the impression of swimming in a tank.

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