Choose the right beach in Salento depending on the winds. A guide for you

Salento is a land surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on one side and by the Ionian Sea on the other. This allows you to enjoy two different seas in only one vacation! In addition, the distance between one coast and the another is about 50km, so you will have the chance to explore the beauty of both the coasts in one day, driving for an hour.

Being surrounded by two seas, give you the to choose the right beach with the perfect sea every day, depending on the winds.

Before choosing your destination, therefore, consult the weather on your smartphone, take a quick look at this short guide and you will always find the sea with perfect weather conditions.


When the north wind blows, the Adriatic Sea is generally rough (from the Lecce seaside restorts to Otranto). While the Ionian Sea will almost certainly be calm.

Exception: in the stretch from Otranto to Leuca, the situation changes and although the coast is washed by the Adriatic, the sea is particularly quiet here, especially in the resorts of Porto Badisco and Porto Miggiano.

Obviously, everything is relative! For lovers of water sports, such as surfing, kitesurfing and sailing, the strong wind and the rough sea are the perfect conditions for practicing these sports. In this case, we recommend the white sand beach of Torre Chianca, just 9 km far from Lecce.

Here they are some ideal solutions for your stay:





Unlike the north wind, the sirocco winds blow from the south and are hot winds. The sirocco agitates the Ionian sea, while it makes the sea calm along the north Adriatic side. With this wind, we suggest the area from the seaside resorts of Lecce to Otranto (Torre dell’Orso can be one of the most popular destination, with its long sandy inlet with crystal clear sea).

Also in this case there are exceptions on the Ionian Sea, with the stretch that goes from Punta Pizzo to Punta della Suina.

Here they are some ideal solutions for your stay:




The grecale can be considered, for its effects on the sea, as the tramontana. So, we will find rough or very rough sea on the Adriatic coast up to Otranto, calmer from Otranto up to Leuca and calm sea on the Ionian coast. The sea in the stretch of coast south of Gallipoli up to Leuca is particularly calm (Pescoluse, Torre San Giovanni).


East winds make the Adriatic coast rough, while the Ionian coast will be more calm, especially in the stretch from Gallipoli to Sant’Isidoro. For the beauty of the places, we particularly recommend the natural inlet of Porto Selvaggio, and the white beaches of Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo.



These two winds come from the south-west or from the west, with the libeccio that is similar to the sirocco, causing a calm sea on the Adriatic and rough on the Ionian coast. With the west wind, we recommend the Alimini beach, the Baia dei Turchi and the Ciolo.


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