Salento, the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast

Rocks and sandy white beaches: the Adriatic coast of Salento offers a variety of unique landscapes, which are worth discovering if you are on vacation here. In this short guide we point out the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast.

Our journey starts from the northern part of the coast, from the seaside resorts of Melendugno, 25 km from Lecce.


The coast with small bays and inlets of rocky coast and sea stacks offer a suggestive landscape. The real attraction of the place is Grotta del Poesia, a karst complex, with no cover that makes the cave looks like a real natural pool with crystal clear water.

Air view of Grotta della Poesia

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The sandy bay of Torre dell’Orso, repeatedly awarded the “Blue Flag of Europe”, is famous for its clear crystal sea the white beach and the services that make it a very popular destination in the summer for both families and groups of friends.

Torre Dell’Orso

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The cliffs and the spectacular sea stacks characterize the seaside resort, with its blu sea and rocks covered with Mediterranean vegetation. A small inlet, the only small sandy beach, allows to enjoy the sun and the landscape, even for the little ones and for the less experienced swimmers.

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A few kilometers from Otranto, there is a real paradise with white sand, ocher-colored rocks and crystal-clear waters. The bay is a horseshoe inlet where they said that the Turkish warriors have landed during the battle of Otranto. Perfect location for those who want to surf.

Spiaggia Baia dei Turchi Otranto

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Overlooking the bay of Otranto, this village is famous for its sulphurous waters. The whole rocky coast is characterized by ravines, coves and caves.

Between Santa Cesarea and Otranto, there is Porto Badisco, a small fishing village. Here the coast is jagged, formed by coves and ravines hidden among the white rock. Porto Badisco is also mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid, as the place where Aeneas would have landed.

Grotta della Zinzulusa


Castro Marina is characterized by a more impervious but very beautiful coast. We suggest you a visit, either on foot or by boat, to the Grotta della Zinzulusa, whose stalactites and stalagmites, called “zinzuli”, have given the name to the cave.

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Cala dell’Acquaviva is a suggestive inlet in the village of Marittima, near Castro Marina. At the bottom of the blue and emerald sea inlet, there is a small sandy, pebbly beach with a concrete terrace. Here the seabed is immediately deep and caves open on the steep rocks.

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