Torre Rinalda

Torre Rinalda is an oasis of tranquillity a few kilometers from Lecce, on the Adriatic. Famous for its fine sandy beach, the marina is suitable for young and old thanks to the gently sloping seabed. It offers large spaces of free beach and stretches with equipped beaches, never too crowded.
Long beach with fine sand suitable for the sea and relaxation

Seaside resort in Salento located to the east of Lecce, is chosen by vacationers who prefer relaxation and the sea, compared to nightlife and clubs. It is located between Spiaggiabella and Casalabate and is characterised by low urbanisation, typical Mediterranean vegetation and a large beach. The beach stretches for several kilometres, starting from Casalabate and continuing to Spiaggiabella.

The sand is fine, without pebbles and the height of the water slopes gently, allowing children to swim easily. The sea is particularly clear and clean when the wind blows from the south or west. The name Torre Rinalda, derives from the Torre Omonima, now partly collapsed, one of the many sixteenth-century towers, built to defend Salento from attacks by Saracen pirates. A few km away is Casalabate, which has various useful services (market, pharmacy, restaurant and more) and the wonderful Lecce (7 minutes by car). Also close to Spiaggiabella. Not far from Torre Rinalda, in the hinterland, there is the splendid Abbey of Santa Maria a Cerrate. Then, in Torre Rinalda, the stretch of coast is enchanting: the expanse of white sand and the sea, with its clear waters, give visitors one of the most beautiful views of Salento. Frequented above all by the locals and appreciated for the crystalline backdrop in which it is possible to admire all the shades of green and blue.

An oasis of tranquility, away from the crowds of the most famous beaches (in fact it is never too crowded). For surf and kite-surf enthusiasts, Torre Rinalda is a highly recommended destination. Part of the marina is located within the Natural Park of Rauccio, a typical example of Mediterranean maquis protected by the WWF and by Lecce, the capital of the Baroque, where you can admire the fine art and the nightlife.


Torre Rinalda takes its name from the sixteenth-century tower of the same name built by the king of Spain, Charles V, to defend the Salento from attacks by Saracen pirates. The ancient sighting tower, still visible today, has a truncated pyramid structure with a square base.

It was built around the 16th century using regular carparo blocks. Two small windows are still visible, placed respectively on the side facing the sea and on the north side. That of Torre Rinalda is one of the numerous towers that dot the Salento (about 60 in the province of Lecce alone) and that served as an outpost against the attack of the Saracens from the sea.



By car

Coming from the North, take the A14 motorway to Bari. Exit at Bari Nord and continue south along the Bari-Lecce highway. From Lecce, take the provincial road 131 and after about 16 km you will have arrived at your destination. 

On the train

With Trenitalia you can reach the Salento along the Adriatic coast (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce, it is possible to use the Sgm city buses that will take you to Torre Rinalda. 

By plane

You can arrive in Salento calling at Brindisi; here you can choose to wait for the bus that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car. If you choose the first option you can continue to Torre Rinalda using the buses.