Torri Pali

It is famous for the fascinating sixteenth century Tower, which was initially built on land, it is now surrounded by the crystal clear waters.
sandy Coastline and Island of Fanciulla

Torre Pali, marine of Salve, is a popular seaside resort known for its beautiful beaches. Blue Flag since 2009 and it is located in Salento, between Lido Marini and Pescoluse, not far from Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli. The town is named after the sixteenth-century tower. This tower is fascinating, since at the time of construction it was standing on the mainland, of course, but now, because of the advancement of the waters, it is currently completely surrounded by clear water, about 15 meters from the shoreline.

The water is low and sandy dunes pop up around the tower. The location is characterised by the presence of backwater dunes covered with Mediterranean vegetation. The sandy beach is ideal for those seeking tranquility and maybe want to take a swim to the l’isola della Fanciulla, a few hundred meters from the shore.

Here the seabed is rich in sea urchins and shellfish. Additionally, the ancient farms, the pajare and the dry stone walls surrounded by the Mediterranean, make it an attractive landscape and invite you to healthy morning walks, among the scents of wild rosemary and thyme, attracting numerous visitors every year.


Torre Pali is one of many coastal watchtowers built at the behest of Charles V in the sixteenth century to defend the land of Salento from the invasions of pirates. At about a hundred meters from the beach of Torre Pali there is an isolated rock, called the Fanciulla Island.

The name comes from a local legend that tells of the abduction of a local girl by the pirate Dragut. The girl refused to renounce the Christian religion and for this, she was killed by the same Dragut and thrown into the sea. After some time, the body was found on the rocks.



by car

You can drive along the A14 to Bari. Continue on the highway in the direction of Brindisi and Lecce. From here, take the west ring road (shorter way), then the exit for Gallipoli – Leuca. At the height of Gallipoli, continue towards Leuca. After the release of Lido Marini, turn to Torre Pali

by train

By train to Lecce. From here you can continue by bus connections to Leuca or rent a car, advisable.

by plane

Go to ‘Brindisi airport, then take the train to Lecce or rent a car.