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What will the summer 2022 be like? The trends for the next season

Eco-sustainability, cleanliness of the rooms, great desire of travel. These are the trends that Italian tourism will have to deal with for the 2022 season. A trend, which began last year and which, with encouraging data, will also accompany the Italians next summer.

For the third consecutive year, the tourism sector will have to contend with restrictions and safety protocols to convince millions of tourists, Italians and non-Italians, to move to the borders of the Italy. But the data appears to be encouraging. Despite the new variant and the general climate of unpredictability that this has brought, the insiders will not be caught unprepared and will be ready to meet the needs of the “homo turisticus” which seem to confirm the trends similar to the pre-pandemic tourism ones.

Sustainability, digitization, international tourism will therefore be the watchwords for the 2022 tourist season. The climate of general uncertainty is counterbalanced by the desire to start traveling again of many tourists.

The trend of traveling as revenge to Covid and confinement has been renamed “revenge travel” which will prompt many tourists to book for the 2022 holidays. The new season will still be marked by national tourism, car travel will be privileged but less than in 2021. Encouraging data, however, also come from international tourism which timidly appeared last season and which will increase the positive trend also in that of 2022.

There are three factors that lead us to think that the presence of foreign tourists, especially Europeans, will start to grow again:

  • fewer restrictions on international mobility;
  • the global increase in vaccination and greater confidence;
  • digital certification
  • great desire to travel after a period of restrictions

Holiday homes, possibly with garden and swimming pool, accessories such as wi-fi and air conditioning, cleaning and sanitation of the rooms will be the most sought after features by Italians for their holidays.

The tourist of the 2022 season will be an attentive one, who will evaluate the destination and the services considering the sanitary measures, as well as the level of infection of the destination. He is a tourist who needs information and reassurance.

Not only. Sustainability will be another factor to look at. Environmental concern and the awakening of travelers’ conscience mean that these are trends that tourism cannot fail to consider. This translates into destinations and facilities that will have more at heart proposals with respect for the environment and with attention to the use of local products.

The Italian seaside destinations have confirmed themselves as the favorite destinations for both Italians and foreigners. This trend which, together with the preference for non-hotel facilities and holiday homes, is destined to be reconfirmed also for the 2022 season.

The “Sentiment score”, or the index that measures the level of holiday satisfaction and the “Covid safety index”, the safety index with respect to anti-Covid measures expressed by tourists, have already reached more than positive percentages in the past season. A sign that bodes well and encourages insiders to continue working on the line already undertaken last year, trying to do even better for the 2022 season.

Pre-pandemic levels of 2019 and the longer duration of the season compared to the previous one seem to the main features of the next season, thanks to the return of foreign tourists, whose frequency, in time intervals complementary to those of the Italians (July-August), will also cover the months of April- May and September-October.

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