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Holidays 2021: Spaniards prefer Italy, the analysis from Google Trend

Spaniards, Turks and Saudis have never dreamt of Italy as much as this year. This is the data that emerges from Google searches on the destinations most searched for by users for the next holidays. From the analysis of the trends it appears not only that the world tourist population firmly wants to return to travel, but also that it already knows where they want to go.

It seems, in fact, that the desire to travel is stronger than before, for the search for the words “2021 holiday” has jumped by 124% since last March. The data, put together by Kuoni, an international tour operator, tells us a lot about next season’s trending destinations, chosen from 131 countries around the world. The picture that emerges is a completely new imaginary geographic map, where origins, languages ​​and cultures cross and mix.

Most travelers have already a clear idea about which destination to choose for their next holidays, when they will return to travel even outside their national and continental borders. Italy is the favorite destination of Turks, Spaniards and Saudis. While the Italians dream of exotic places like the Maldives, together with Poles, British, Romanians and Bulgarians.

Remaining among the Europeans: the French want to go to Belgium, the inhabitants of the Czech Republic are looking for an escape to Zanzibar, the Finns to Norway and the Norwegians to Australia. Looking beyond the continent: the Russians prefer Mexico, the Mexicans prefer Qatar and the Qataris prefer Sri Lanka. The Americans will choose Japan, while the Australians are looking forward to landing in Fiji. Pakistanis, Indians and Libyans are targeting the UAE. The New Zealanders want Bali and the Brazilians will go to Aruba.

Remaining within the national borders, however, Italians will choose to move with their own vehicle and the seaside reso and the beaches will remain the most popular destinations. Therefore, if you dream of paradisiacal landscapes of fine white sand and crystal clear sea, but you do not want to go to the other side of the world, Salento is the exotic destination close to you.

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