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Wine and olive oil routes in Salento: Novoli and Squinzano

Red, rosé and white, Salento wine is a product of quality and tradition. Similarly, the olive oil is called “yellow gold” due to its truly precious properties. Almost every town in Salento has its own production of oil and wine: a brief overview of the centers of Salento excellence will guide you in choosing the DOC products to enjoy the true flavor of this land. Let’s discover the wine and olive oil routes in Novoli and Squinzano.

NOVOLI– It is the “town of fire”, because every January the Patron Saint Sant’Antonio Abate is celebrated with the lighting of the “Fòcara“, a mountain of faggots that are lit with a fireworks display unique in the world. In the heart of the village stands the ancient Church of the Immaculate Conception, which preserves a Byzantine fresco from the early 14th century of the Madonna enthroned with the Child.

THE WINE –The Novoli countryside is almost entirely planted with vineyards, a feature that has very ancient roots. As evidence of this, the coat of arms of the municipality itself, depicting three bunches of grapes hanging from a branch.

SQUINZANO – Just 17 km north of Lecce, the town is characterized by the presence of numerous churches, from the Mother Church dedicated to St. Nicholas with the Baroque style facade to the 16th century Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. On the greenhouse towards Campi Salentina, the Convent of Sant’Elia stands in a panoramic position, hosting conferences and cultural events. In via Monte Grappa, on the other hand, the ancient noble residence of Villa Cleopazzo in Art Nouveau style appears, today the scene of summer events.

THE WINE –The “Squinzano” doc (denomination of controlled origin) was established in 1976 and offers wines such as Negroamaro and Malvasia, rosé and susumaniello, new wine and Chardonnay, excellent to accompany traditional Salento dishes.

OLIVE OIL – Squinzano is also a land of vast olive groves where olive oil is produced. Celebrating the town’s agricultural vocation is the small Museum of oil and wine.

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