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Wine and olive oil routes in Salento: Morciano di Leuca, Specchia and Alezio

From the northernmost municipality to the southest part of Salento, wine and olive oil are the traditional products of this land. Production is not only a link with the past, but also a synonym of quality. A brief overview of the centers of Salento excellence will guide you in choosing the DOC products to enjoy the true flavor of this land. Let’s discover the wine and olive oil routes in Morciano di Leuca, Specchia and Alezio.

MORCIANO DI LEUCA –Located in the extreme edge of the Salento peninsula, Morciano di Leuca is 64 km from Lecce. The historic center is dominated by the imposing castle, with high crenellated walls and a circular tower. Worth a visit the facade of the Church of the Madonna del Carmine, also known as “de lu cumentu”. From the glass panes of the square you can see the underground oil mill and the grain pits.

OLIVE OIL –There are 18 underground oil mills that testify to the ancient link between Morciano and oil. Some of them date back to the ninth century and many were obtained from the granaries of the Messapian era. Near the parish church you can admire an ancient stone mill for olives. Today there are many small and large farms as well as individuals who produce and sell quality olive oil.

ALEZIO – Cradle of the ancient Messapian civilization, Alezio rises a few kilometers from Gallipoli and houses one of the most important archaeological collections on the Messapi, in the rooms of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Tafuri, once a stately home owned by a noble Gallipoli family. Its rooms contain funerary objects and ancient finds, including balsam pieces, trozzelle and terracotta deities. In front of the museum, there is also the Archaeological Park.

THE WINE – Alezio gives its name to a doc wine to be tasted in two variations, both from the Negroamaro grape: the Alezio Rosso, with its warm and bitter taste, and the Rosato, drier and more velvety.

SPECCHIA – A timeless municipality, Specchia, 54 km from Lecce, is among the most beautiful villages in Italy, deserving to have been able to recover and enhance its architectural jewels. Today the ancient village is a characteristic widespread hotel, the heart of which is represented by the Risolo Castle, together with the Mother Church and the former Convent of the Black Franciscans.

OLIVE OIL – The underground oil mills of Specchia, ancient evidence of the town’s olive production, are still perfectly preserved today. The municipality is also part of the “Jonica – Antica Terra d’Otranto” Oil Road and its extra virgin olive oil is among the best in the region. Recently, the producers came together under a single label identified with the “De.C.O. Specchia ”(Municipal Designation of Origin), affixed to each bottle of oil produced in the country.

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