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Wine and olive oil routes in Salento: Copertino and Leverano

Wine and olive oil are the two jewels of Salento and among the main products of the Mediterranean diet. Olive groves and vineyards mark the landscape of this land not only from a visual point of view, also influencing the other senses such as smell and taste. A brief overview of the centers of Salento excellence will guide you in choosing the DOC products to enjoy the true flavor of this land. Let’s discover the wine and oil routes in Copertino and Leverano.


COPERTINO – The castle is the fulcrum of the historic center of the village which rises 15 km from Lecce. The manor is in fact one of the largest and best preserved in Salento with its Baroque embroideries, the portal and the Renaissance balconies. The maze of alleys in the historic center leads to the birthplace of San Giuseppe, the “saint of flights”, a destination for tourists and pilgrims.

THE WINE – The Dop wine of the same name is produced from the Negroamaro vineyards surrounding Copertino. The production of red wine, particularly appreciated for its ruby ​​color and dry taste with a bitter aftertaste, is an excellence of the territory.

LEVERANO – Just 10 minutes from the renowned beaches of Porto Cesareo, Leverano is characterized by the cobbled streets of the historic center that lead to the Tower of Frederick II, commissioned by the Swabian emperor to protect the Ionian coast from pirate raids. Worth visiting are the Mother Church dedicated to the Annunziata, the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the church of the Madonna della Consolazione.

THE WINE – Embraced by the vineyards, Leverano gives its name to a doc wine whose origin is linked to the two historic producers present in the area since the 1960s. Reds and rosés are based on Negroamaro and black Malvasia.

Leverano Doc Bianco goes well with light dishes, such as raw seafood, risotto and fried fish; Rosato is perfect for enjoying spicy cold cuts, first courses with meat sauces and grilled red meats. The Red wine, on the other hand, is ideal for cured meats and aged sheep’s cheeses and grilled, baked or stewed red meats. For some years now, the production of Vino Novello has been added, celebrated in a big party in November.

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