Conca Specchiulla

Conca Specchiulla is an Adriatic seaside resort of Salento, so named for the creek that welcomes a beach with characteristic oval shape. The enchanting landscape, suitable for lovers of nature and relaxation.


Conca Specchiulla beach an tourist resort

Set on the Adriatic coast between Otranto and Torre Sant’Andrea, the tourist village of Conca Specchiulla, built at the end of the seventies in the municipality of Otranto, is a great place for rewarding holidays emerged in the green of the fauna of Salento, where the air is permeated by the smells of the Mediterranean scrub and vegetation shows unusually original colours.

The village is next to a big park / pine forest that slopes gently toward the sea and offers a wide range of accommodation depending on your needs and budget. You may, in fact, choose between 4-or 5-star hotels and pretty well finished apartments with garden.

The village also has a large secure car park at the entrance and is structured like a real city, on foot and by bicycle, with multicoloured flower beds and walks lined boulevards oleanders, pines and tamarisk. The square, on two levels, is the heart of the village. It is equipped with a bar, snack bar, restaurant, supermarket, fishmonger, butcher, newsagent, florist, games room, first aid and more. During the afternoon and the evening there is animation, parties and dances for children and adults.

A wide range of sport facilities: two soccer fields and two tennis courts and basketball court. Children can play freely on the playground provided by the hotel Solara, which is also equipped with a swimming pool where there are swimming lessons for kids. To reach the sea just go walk in the pine forest or take the train from Hotel Daniela, who in two minutes leads to the beautiful beach of St. George through the pine forest.

Alternatively you can go far beyond the pine forest. Embarked on a path that makes its way through fragrant myrtle bushes, your eyes will hatch a wonderful view: here, in this part of the Adriatic Salento, the sea is clear, high and rocky coasts are home to creeks and ravines of unspoiled beauty. For nature lovers we recommend a walk in the pine forest at dawn to admire the breathtaking sight of the sun emerging from the water. On clear days you can see in the distance even the mountains of Albania, across the Strait of Otranto.


Conca Specchiulla is a particular part of the coast, in the past, not a true seaside resort. With the construction of the modern village became a tourist destination in its own right.

The tourist village is, in fact, of recent origin. Born under the growing demand for housing close to the beautiful coast of the place, it was thought a modern holiday resort concept, composed of independent units with all necessary facilities, able to fully enjoy the summer holiday. It was thus constructed between 70-80.



by car

Coming from the north, up along the A14 motorway to Bari . From here, continue southward along the motorway Bari – Lecce. Reached Lecce along the provincial road to-Merine – Vernole – Melendugno, continue for about 1 km towards San Foca, from here head south for Torre Dell’Orso, and then Sant’Andrea so you’ll encounter Conca Specchiulla . 

by train

(Trenitalia) is reached along the Adriatic Salento (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome-Caserta. Once in Lecce FSE bus can be used that take you up to Conca Specchiulla. (For more information

by plane

You can reach Salento with a stopover in Brindisi, where you will choose to wait for the bus that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car if you choose the first option you can continue using the FSE bus to Conca Specchiulla.