Charming seaside resort of Salento, adjacent to a beautiful resort “Ciolo”. Its rocky coastline, in some easily accessible points and other overlooking the Adriatic sea, make this place an ideal place for lovers of nature and relaxation.
Rocky coast, crystal clear sea, caves

Marina di Novaglie, a charming seaside resort village of the Municipality of Gagliano del Capo and Alessano, located on the stretch of the Adriatic coast between Marina Serra and Ciolo.

It is a place mostly rocky, though having traits that are high in any case easily accessible and within walking distance. The ever-green of the landscape and the clear water shapes an unforgettable scenery and is a paradise especially for nature lovers surrounded by only singing of the waves on the rocks.

The Dawn that from a distance, seems to rise the ever-blue sea and the sunset with the red / orange color wraps intensely everything in front of your eyes, makes Novaglie not an easy place to visit, but a place that will always remain in your heart.

Its coast is to discover with rocks and high cliffs has some beautiful caves (some can be reached swimming).Only a few km by boat or by car (min: 2 km, up to 5 km) you will find other beautiful places as the Ciolo (immediately after) and Santa Maria di Leuca continuing along the coast.


As the numerous caves used to laure Basilians in the Middle Ages, Novaglie has been inhabited since ancient times. The existence of some freshwater springs, made of Novaglie a strategic place for the Saracen pirates who came there to stock up. In the Middle Ages, just to counter the Saracens, a watch tower was built on the southern tip of the bay, the “Torre del Porto”, now reduced to a pile of debris.

Just south of Novaglie, you can visit two important stations of the Neolithic, “Grotta Cipolliane” and “Grotta delle Prazziche”. The cave of the pond however, is accessible only by sea and it houses, a small body of clear, fresh water.



by car

Drive to Bari on the highway. Take the freeway to Brindisi – Lecce. Just before entering Lecce merge on the freeway, then exit Maglie Santa Maria di Leuca. Continue in the direction of Santa Maria di Leuca until you reach Gagliano Del Capo. From here continue for Novaglie (which is Marina of Gagliano).

by train

By train (Trenitalia) Novaglie is reached along the Adriatic (Milan – Bologna – Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce FSE bus can be used that take you up to Novaglie . Alternatively you can use the local FSE trains for going up to Gagliano Del Capo(from which you can reach Novaglie just walking ).

by plane

By plane you can reach Novaglie by flying to Brindisi here you can choose to wait for the terminal that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car, if you choose the first option you can continue using FSE. Alternatively you can use the local FSE trains up to Gagliano Del Capo.