Torre Lapillo

Torre Lapillo is situated on the Ionic coast, adjacent to Porto Cesareo. Fine sandy beaches and the town full of shops, restaurants and ll the useful services.
Fine sandy beach and crystal clear water

Torre Lapillo is a tourist resort situated on the Ionic coast of Salento, just a few kilometres from Porto Cesareo. There are beach resorts, apartments for rent, holiday homes, holiday villages, shops, restaurants and services of all kinds to host tourists. The beaches are among the most popular on the Ionian coast and its colours are reminiscent of the distant exotic beaches.

The cliff, however, offers good opportunities for fishing and snorkelling. Weather conditions, the geographic location and the natural characteristics make Torre Lapillo a good seaside resort for summer holidays. The coast of Torre Lapillo stretches from Punta Prosciutto to Porto Cesareo with sandy coves alternating with stretches of low cliffs.

The sand is white and fine. North of the town we find the Lido degli Angeli, while south the Bay of Torre Lapillo extends to one of the longest and most beautiful beaches of Salento, characterised by clear water.

The rocky coast is low and the seabed is characterised by the typical coral reefs. Behind the coastline, specifically close to the beaches, there are sand dunes, still appreciable and almost enchanting with their arboreal junipers.


The tower, also known as the Torre di San Tommaso was recently restored. It is one of the largest in the area and has a square base structure and an access stairway with three arches below, the last part was added only recently: the staircase in fact ended with a drawbridge. It has base sides 16 meters long and 17 meters high.

It is part of the coastal defence system built by Charles V to protect Salento from Saracens invasions. It was finished in February 1568. It was part of the municipality of Nardo until 1975, when it was joined to the newly established municipality of Porto Cesareo.



by car

Coming from north drive up the motorway A14 to Bari. From here, continue south along the motorway Bari – Lecce. Once reached Lecce, go along the S.p. Lecce – Monteroni – Leverano – Porto Cesareo.

by train

By train (Trenitalia) Salento is reached along the Adriatic (Milan – Bologna – Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce FSE bus can be used that will take you to Torre Lapillo.

by plane

By plane you can reach Salento with a stopover in Brindisi, where you will choose to wait for the terminal that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car. If you choose the first option you can continue using the FSE bus to Torre Lapillo.