Torre Specchia

Torre Specchia, located just north of San Foca, especially suitable for tourists that want to relax on the beach (it’s never too crowded), for athletes who love “Kite Surfing”, and the classic “surf”.
Torre Specchia Ruggeri, the Beaches and Coast

Torre Specchia Ruggeri is located about 9 km from San Cataldo and marks the southern limit of the Cesine (nature reserve protected by the WWF) and it is one of the marines of Melendugno. The town is built around an ancient coastal tower, erected in 1568 to defend the territory.

Today, Torre Specchia Ruggeri is a bathing resort for those seeking peace and relaxation, away from the bustle of crowded places. Also extremely suitable for sportsmen who love “Kite Surf” and “Surf”, having a coast exposed to the winds (which became a national goal for that sport). The water is transparent, the bottom visible to the naked eye. Small sandy coves light gray and islets rich of colonies of sea urchins, are the major attractions of Torre Specchia Ruggeri. In the vicinity of the rocks you can go fishing.

The coast almost all low, is formed by rocky promontories, sandy coves and isolated rocks that outcrop just off the shore. Very nice for a picnic and go sightseeing in the nearby Cesine, a nature reserve protected by the WWF with 650 hectares of unspoilt nature and a dream of a coastline. A perfect place to relax and explore the coast during the day and to drink and maybe party at night.

There are many bars/clubs located on the coastline, among which we mention: Mediteraneo, Mamanera and several beaches with urchins seafood and tasting.


The Tower was constructed in 1568, built, as you probably know, to defend the coast from the invasions of Saracen pirates. Born as a small town frequented by fishermen, following the action of marshes reclamation (once home of the Anopheles mosquito) is today an ideal location for a relaxed vacation.



by car

Arrive at Bari via motorway (A14 if coming from North otherwise the Naples-Bari). Here go toward Brindisi-Lecce. Once in Lecce, take the ring road, then exit San Cataldo. Arrived, continue southward on the coast until you reach Torre Specchia Ruggeri. Alternatively, from the Lecce ring road, exit Merine, then Strudà, Aquarica, Torre Specchia.

by train

By train (Trenitalia) Torre Specchia can be reached along the Adriatic (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce, it is preferable to hire a car.

by plane

By plane you can reach Torre Specchia by flying to Brindisi, where you can rent a car.