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Smart working, find how working in a “smart way” in Apulia, in a villa with swimming pool or house with a sea view

In front of your computer on the desk at home, sipping a coffee in comfortable clothes. No, it is not the subject of a painting by a contemporary artist, but the image that we get to know in the few recent months: the smart working worker.

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What would happen if, to the scene described above, we tried to add the background of a Salento countryside or the blue sea of ​​Salento? Surely it would be a dream, you think. But no. This is what you can have if you choose to spend a few days or weeks in a holiday villa with swimming pool or sea view.

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Smart working or, literally “agile work”, is, according to the definition of law 81/2017, “a method of executing the employment relationship […] without precise time or place constraints, with the use of technological tools”. Flexibility and autonomy, through the aid of technologies, are therefore the characteristics of this way of working, which most Italian companies have resorted to to give a concrete response to the health emergency.


After a few months, you can draw a balance on the advantages of this unusual organization of work: eliminate travel with consequent savings on time and the cost of transport, always be on time and use your own “dress code” that fits perfectly with your own comfort.

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The ability to work remotely overshadows the importance of the place where this takes place. And so, why necessarily wait for vacation to enjoy the benefits of a dream location? Taking part in a company call, answering e-mails, completing a project could be less demanding tasks if you are immersed in the tranquility of a garden with a sea view, or by the pool of a fantastic villa surrounded by the countryside.

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A quiet atmosphere and a natural landscape bring undoubted advantages to the conduct of work. Not to mention that you can bring your family with you, who in the meantime can take the opportunity to take a dip in the pool, a walk by the sea or play outdoors.

If you are a group of friends, however, you have the privacy to dedicate yourself to remote work and, in your free time, share the conviviality of the common spaces. The unlimited wi-fi internet connection will guarantee you an impeccable quality of work, while other comforts (garden, barbecue, parking space) will give you all the comforts you need.

If you want to make your work truly “smart”, increasing your ability to concentrate and, therefore, your productivity and efficiency, our solutions are waiting for you here:

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