Seaside resorts in the Adriatic coast of Salento, a renowned tourist destination, between Torre Dell’Orso and Frassanito. This part of the coast has stretches of cliffs, alternating with natural sandy coves.
The natural sight of the Faraglioni

Sant’Andrea is unique, a monument erected by the nature, to mock the human sculptural art. The seaside resort, Marina of Melendugno is interposed between Torre Dell’Orso and Frassanito. A distinctive feature is the presence of large rocks and islets in the sea, sculpted by the waves, known as ‘Faraglioni’. The cliff has mainly crumbly consistency and draws evocative details: caves, arches and coves.

From time to time there are some sandy coves, popular with families, that can be reached by dinghy (on which they place food and equipment) from the sea if there is no direct access, in fact some are reachable directly, others only when swimming or by taking boat. The main beach, surrounded by a residential complex is easily reachable by a short flight of stairs or a landing point with inclined platform (the latter is also used to lay small boats into the sea, mainly from fishermen). On either side of the beach, two hills cut the winds, making the sea calm and peaceful. On one of them there is the lighthouse and right next to it there is a ‘cult’ Bar of the Salento, the ‘Babilonia’ (pub and pizzeria with summer concerts).

Behind the beach you find another restaurant / pub, ‘Il Porticciolo’. The coast, a few kilometres long, possesses distinct points with specific names in Salento dialect: “Lu Tafaluru”, “the Punticeddha”, “The Column”, “Punta te Lu Pepe”, “The Bastimento”. The photographers often choose the points for postcards, attracted by the particular scenery and the activity of the natural colours of the sea, with blue / green shades.

The sea, in fact, can be experienced from different perspectives. For lovers of diving there is “La Punta Te Lu Pepe” (with various natural springboards). The fishermen have many natural platforms, besides having some shoals, popular with divers. Who wants to relax and enjoy the sun, prefers the free beach, close to the two well-known premises above mentioned. Several bands took turns on summer nights, adding beautiful pages to a rich album of memories (“Subsonica”, “MaoMao,” “Reggae National Tickets”, “Negroamaro”, “Fratelli di Soledad “, “Africa Unite” , “Negrita”).


The resort of Salento was always preferred by the people from Martano and has witnessed a great fishing tradition. Still present today is a ruin of the sixteenth-century tower homonymous (one of many defence towers in Salento). In recent history it has repeatedly been awarded with the European Blue Flag for its clear water. In 2000, the Italian telephone company “Wind” attracted by the natural scenery, selected this location for shooting their television spot.



by car:

Coming from north, drive up the motorway A14 to Bari; continuing southward along the motorway Bari – Lecce. Once reached Lecce, go along the provincial road to Merine – Vernole – Melendugno – Torre dell’Orso- Torre Sant’Andrea.

by train

Salento is reached along the Adriatic (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce “Salento in bus” buses can be used bus that will take you to Torre Sant’Andrea.

by plane

you can reach Salento with a stopover in Brindisi, where you will choose to wait for the terminal that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car; if you choose the first option you can continue using the FSE bus to Sant’Andrea.