Torre Vado

Torre Vado has mostly a sandy shoreline, where long stretches of golden sand leave occasionally space to coves with sand and cliffs. “Le Sorgenti” are small sources of cold fresh water springs.
Torre Vado, its golden sandy Beach and Springs

Beautiful seaside resort, part of the town of Morciano di Leuca, located on the Ionian coast of Salento, a few kilometres from Santa Maria di Leuca. Torre Vado is well known for its beautiful golden and sandy beaches with a picturesque harbour, a modern marina and very close to nice trendy lidos. The harbour is overshadowed by an imposing and elegant 16th watchtower; it is quite often the starting point for interesting excursions to the Cape of Leuca.

The beach is very easy to access to and it has a relaxing atmosphere, a large square in front of the sea with a variety of entertainments for children, the night market (usually Friday) which extends over the whole seafront, starting in the afternoon and several restaurants offer usually fresh fish specialties.

The coastline near the port is made up of low reefs mixed with sand and again cliffs, great for the inexperienced underwater snorkeler. Afterwards the cliffs pave the way to a long stretch of golden sand. The sea here, with its crystal clear water, slopes slowly up to the sandy bottom: this allows pleasant and safe bathing even for children and beginners.

The sand here is fine and very soft and allows you in absolute tranquility to enjoy relaxing moments lying in the sun. On the beach you’ll find varies structures such as lidos with bars and showers (pointing out the Lido Venus), where you can rent umbrellas and sun beds.

Of particular interest are the freshwater springs located at the same height as the tobacco shop “Le sorgenti”, almost near the end of the promenade C. Colombo. Here, in fact, from the cliffs on the seashore, fresh water springs forming puddles in the the rocky shore line. The water is crystal clear and fresh even in summer.

Highly recommend is a refreshment stop in these waters, which offer toning benefits to the body. The hospitality of the locals in Torre Vado, the modern facilities, villas and apartments to rent, make this corner of Salento an interesting place to spend your holidays in pleasure, fun and relaxation.

Torre Vado, along with Pescoluse (coastline further down), is one of the most popular resorts of the Salento, if you’re staying nearby, just spend a day in this marina.


The seaside resort takes its name from the tower next to the port. “Vado” derives from the Latin “vadum” (to pass) due to the easy access to the coast, or according to another hypothesis, from the Spanish “ovado”, the place where the fishes deposit their eggs. According to Torre Vados` ancient history, like many other coastal watchtowers in the Salento area, the tower was built in the sixteenth century by Charles V to defend the territory from invasion of the Saracen pirates.

The tower is located near the harbour, a few meters from the sea. In the past it was used as a watch tower (Torre Cavallara), provided with a messenger and a horse, it had the purpose of signalising danger from the sea. In case of threats the messenger would ride to all the nearby villages and warn them of impending danger. The tower has a a circular base structure and is spread over two floors showing windows and vents at the top.

With the disarmament of the coastal towers, which occurred around 1846 on the orders of King Ferdinand II of Sicily, the tower was used afterwards as a control station customs. In 1930 it was bought by privates and in 1935 was restored.



by car

By car drive down the Adriatic A14 to Bari Follow the highway towards Brindisi-Lecce, Lecce then. From here, take the ring road and exit Leuca. About 10km before Leuca, you’ll see already the signage to Torre Vado.

by train

Arrive by train to Lecce. From here take the local bus connection to Leuca or rent a car, which is recommendable. 

by plane

Arrive at the airport of Brindisi, take a train to Lecce or rent a car.