Gallipoli is on the Ionian Coast of Salento with beaches and rocky coastline. Outstanding in terms of nightlife, numerous restaurants specialised in cuisine based on fish, beautiful sea, lovely surrounding landscape.


Sea and nightlife

The beautiful Gallipoli is one of the most interesting resorts of Salento. The town forms with Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca the magic triangle of the great Salento. Outstanding in terms of nightlife, good infrastructure, beautiful sea. Many restaurants specialised in cuisine based on fish and various nightclubs where you can enjoy a cocktail while sitting comfortably on the beach, accompanied by good music. Eventful summer.


The name Gallipoli derives from ‘Kale polis’, a name imposed by Greek colonists, which has a meaning like ‘beautiful city’. During 265 BC, Gallipoli was conquered by the Romans, who at that time were a major power in Italy. They improved the communication systems of the city, connecting Gallipoli to the Via Traiana, this enabled a rapid transition towards the Balkans, and also expanded and developed port activities, thus turning the city of Gallipoli in a military center, and later in a municipal. Later it was occupied by the Barbarians who sacked the city in 450 and marked one of the most terrible and cruel periods in the history of Gallipoli. During 500 Gallipoli, along with most of Salento, were dominated for 42 years by the Byzantines. In 542 after Christ, Gallipoli was rebuilt from top to bottom from ‘Roman Empire of Onesti, that potentiated the defensive apparatus, such as the construction of the castle of Gallipoli.

The City became one of the most important naval and military centres in the Ionian Sea. In this period Gallipoli learned the Greek-Orthodox religion, traditions and language of the Byzantines. In 710 Gallipoli was visited by Pope Constantine who passed by during the trip that was taking from Rome to Constantinople. During the XI century Gallipoli and Salento were occupied by the Normans who liberated the city from the Greeks and later, after a period of calm, the city underwent a ferocious siege by King Charles I D ‘Anjou, which lasted until 1268. Subsequently he found the strength to expand, thanks to the continuous increase in port activities. After several short-term domination Gallipoli came under Spanish rule. During this period an ‘increase of activities of craftsmen was noticed.

The trade routes became more important, like the oil business for lamps. In short, the city became increasingly rich and important. Subsequently Gallipoli became part of the Kingdom of Naples, and Ferdinand I of Bourbon began on working on a series of improvements for the city. The most important was the construction of the port. During the period of the Bourbon it became the capital of the district and later with the ‘Unity’ of Italy became the capital of the district together with the city of Lecce and Taranto. Gallipoli today has become a major tourist town of Salento and Italy, giving more and more importance to tourism, without neglecting the history and traditions of the people of Gallipoli.



by car

Coming from north, drive up the motorway A14 to Bari , continuing southwards along the motorway Bari – Lecce. Once in Bari take the ss 101 that leads to Gallipoli.

by train

By train (Trenitalia) Salento is reached along the Adriatic (Milan – Bologna – Pescara – Foggia – Lecce) or through the Rome – Caserta – Foggia – Bari – Brindisi – Lecce. From here continue toward Gallipoli with the local FSE trains.

by plane

By plane you can reach Salento with a stopover in Brindisi where you can choose to wait for the terminal that connects the airport to the center of Lecce. From here continue toward Gallipoli with the local FSE trains.