Porto Badisco

It is a natural port with crystal clear water, protected by two rocky ridges on the sides and a little hill at the back, therefore with calm water, clear and fresh, also known for its famous Grotta dei Cervi.
Natural bay with beach and calm sea, Aeneas landed here

Natural harbour on the Adriatic coast of Salento, Porto Badisco is just north of ‘Punta Scuru’ and about 12km south of Otranto. The seaside town has a modest-sized beach, tenderly embraced by two rocky granite ridges that protect it from the wind, rendering the sea calm, almost in all periods of the year. Facing the sea, a good restaurant, prepares cuisine based on fish, with excellent linguine with seafood.

Known for the clarity and cleanliness of the water, which, cool, and crystal, gives regenerating moments of pleasure, forgetting the heat of the sun. Also known for the magnificent underwater scene, suitable for fishing of all kinds and snorkelling, the possibility of renting boats and the beautiful landscape. Virgil Aeneid-III, 552: ‘Dove due rocce spumeggiano d’acqua salata, mentre il porto rimane nascosto’. The resort is also known for the famous “Grotta dei Cervi”, a small museum where important wall paintings where found and can still be admired.


Extremely important discoveries, for the study of prehistory, has been the discovery of the “Grotta dei Cervi” (deers cave), so named for the number of deer hunting scenes painted on the walls.

These paintings and others scattered throughout the cave are evidence of the presence of human beings, that have inhabited this area as far back as the Upper Palaeolithic up to the Mesolithic and Neolithic . Some painted figures recall those found in caves in Spain and in the Mas d’Azil. Legend has it that, Aeneas, stopped on his journey here in Porto Badisco.



by car

Reach Bari on the highway. From here continue to Brindisi – Lecce. Before Lecce take the ring road (Lecce), then the exit Maglie. Go out and get to Otranto, then Uggiano La Chiesa, then to Porto Badisco. Alternately, from Otranto, you can enjoy the picturesque coast road (going southward along the same) with breathtaking views for reaching Porto Badisco. 

by train

By train (Trenitalia)reach Porto Badisco along the Adriatic (Milan – Bologna – Pescara) or through the Rome – Caserta. Once in Lecce FSE bus can be used that will take you to Porto Badisco.

by plane

By plane you can reach Porto Badisco by flying to Brindisi; here you can choose to wait for the terminal that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car, if you choose the first option you can continue using the FSE bus to Porto Badisco.