San Pietro in Bevagna

San Pietro in Bevagna is a beautiful town in Ionian Salento, which marks the border between the provinces of Lecce and Taranto. Beautiful beaches with long stretches of golden sand interrupted from time to time by equipped lidos.


Beach, City Center and Field of Messapians

San Pietro in Bevagna (San Pietru in mandurian dialect) is a seaside hamlet on the Ionian coast of Salento, of the town of Manduria, province of Taranto. The location is situated between Taranto and Gallipoli and at just 12 km from Manduria.

It is divided into different areas: city center, west area where we find the Campo de’Messapi, east area, where there is the area of the seaside town Specchiarica, where you can enjoy the beautiful clear sea, unspoiled vast beaches with golden sand embellished with dunes typical of the Mediterranean maquis; the beach has a certain wild charm and is completely free for long stretches, while in some parts, you find the possibility to rent sun beds and umbrellas especially near kiosks and equipped lidos.

The sea is beautiful with extraordinary transparent with sandy sloping bottoms ideal for swimming and bathing; the small central square is enlivened by pleasant evening shows and various folk festivals offered by local ProLoco; a holiday location for relaxing holiday away from city stress.


The origin of San Pietro in Bevagna is closely tied to the history of the apostle St. Peter. The legend, in fact, said that during a sea voyage, caught in a bad storm St. Peter was wrecked on the Ionian coast of the locality, specifically, where now stands the beautiful church in the town center. Tired and hungry walking around, he past a well of fresh water near which stood a statue of a pagan god (was supposed to be Zeus). Viewing the sculpture St. Peter made the sign of the cross in front of his chest and, with that gesture, the statue shattered and fell at his feet. Witnessing the miracle, people began to convert to Christianity.

Shortly after St. Peter continued his journey and the village began to be increasingly be populated by people coming from afar to visit the holy place where the Apostle had performed the miracle. The church (Chiesa Rupestre o Cripta del Redentore) which still lies at the center of the village has a mystical beauty which can be viewed at any time. Symbol of the village is the church dedicated to St. Peter, who leans to the medieval tower. Also on the seabed near the beach of S. Pietro in Bevagna there are several sarcophagi of various sizes. They are the remains of the cargo of a Roman ship sunken there in the third century A.D.



by car

Arrived in Taranto, head towards Manduria, then to San Pietro in Bevagna.

by train

Once in Taranto is possible to hire a car or go by public transport.

by plane

Arrived at Brindisi airport, hire a car or use public transportation.