Torre Suda

Torre Suda is a Salento seaside resort just south of Gallipoli, characterised by low coast with easy access to the water, limpid and clean sea, small bays, and equipped lidos/beach bars.
Torre Suda cliff suitable for fishing and snorkelling

Torre Suda is a seaside resort on the Ionic coast of Salento, never too chaotic, characterised by an extremely clear and clean sea, small natural bays along the coast and the presence of the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation all around.

Located just south of Gallipoli, it is often chosen as a destination for holidays, thanks to its proximity to the famous town of Salento and from those who want to avoid too much chaos. The coast is characterised by low cliffs, with easy access to the water, where you will find some equipped beach are and lidos, so it is suitable for those who love the reef or fishing, presenting a crystal clear sea. It is also easy accessible for children and the shallow waters allow underwater fishing or snorkelling.

In summer several events, and Celebrations, which animate the starry nights are organised and you can find the program at the offices of proloco. In Torre Suda are also small souvenir shops, a market, tennis courts. Some local restaurants offer tasty food. The beautiful beaches, some of which offer tasty cocktails and, in the evening then turn into real discos on the sea.

The resort is part of the municipality of Racale and legend has it that its name comes from the fact that the ancient tower, which had been used as a water reservoir for the inhabitants, looked like it was sweating due to the water vaporising on the inside and leaving water drops not he outside of the walls.


The tower was built in the sixteenth century against Turkish invasions that ravaged the Salento peninsula. It communicated visually to the south Torre Sinfonò, in the municipality of Alliste, to the north with Torre del Pizzo, in the town of Gallipoli.

The origin of the name Torre Suda is thought to date back to the fact that the tower, he stopped his military functions, was sealed and used as a water tank for the residents of the village. Due to the infiltration of moisture, the walls of the tower seemed to “sweat“.



by car

From Lecce, Lecce-Maglie continue on in the Maglie direction . From Maglie take Casarano. From Casarano continue to Racale, so Torre Suda. Or from Lecce, take the Lecce-Gallipoli towards Gallipoli, arrived, go to the South for Torre Suda.

by train

Once in Lecce, go to Gallipoli. Can take a bus or rent a car and follow the directions above.

by plane

At the Brindisi airport should rent a car and follow the directions above.