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Weekend in Apulia, things to see in 2 days in Salento

12 Dic

Salento means clear sea, breathtaking coast, ancient architecture and food and wine. It would take days to discover the charm of each village and visit each cove on the sea. What? Are you only here for a weekend? Don’t worry. We have summed up for you the most important things worth seeing in Salento in two days. A mini tour that will allow you to “taste” the beauties of the area.

DAY 1 – the Adriatic coast

Let’s start from Otranto, a jewel set on the Adriatic at about 40 km south of Lecce. Spend the morning on the beach, having a swim, enjoying the sun and relax yourself in order to go home more tanned! You can stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants in the old town and take the opportunity to take a tour in the characteristic alleys of the town. Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral, famous for the chapel with the skulls of the 800 martyrs who died resisting the Turkish invasion in 1480 and for the floor mosaic dating back to the mid-twelfth century.

In the afternoon, take advantage of the cooler hours of the day, driving along the whole coast road that connects Otranto to Leuca. You will have the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful views of the Salento coast, a sort of “balcony” overlooking the sea. Stop where you like more!

Drive up to Leuca, our last stop for today. You’ll reach Santa Maria di Leuca in the evening: here enjoy an excellent dinner and a walk in the small town, where the lighthouse will be waiting for you, which stands on the promontory of one of the most famous Marian sanctuaries in Puglia, that of the Madonna De Finibus Terrae.

DAY 2 – the Ionian coast and Lecce

Leave again from Leuca, taking the coastal road that goes up from the Ionian side and head towards Gallipoli. When you’ll reach the “Città Bella”, stop immediately at the sea. We recommend the beach of Purità or Baia Verde. After spending a handful of hours sunbathing, take a tour to discover the “Pearl of the Ionian”, stopping at the Angevin Castle, the Cathedral of Sant’Agata and the Greek Fountain. Stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants in the historic center. When the sun goes down, leave for Lecce, the last stop of your weekend.

If you choose not to opt for the panoramic road, you will reach the Salento capital in half an hour by car. Here you will have plenty of time to admire Lecce from an architectural point of view and to enjoy a regenerating walk in the old town. You will be welcomed by the sumptuousness of the Baroque style that permeates the churches and monuments of the city.

Move from Piazza Sant’Oronzo towards the Basilica of Santa Croce, and then again on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II towards the Duomo, passing through the numerous and enchanting churches (San Matteo, Sant’Irene, etc.). Stop in one of the many restaurants in the old town and enjoy good wine and a dinner based on typical products, letting yourself be cheered by the colors of the “Lecce nightlife”.

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“Routes of taste” in Salento: Zollino, Spongano, Seclì e Ortelle

18 Lug

In local inns or in the most elegant restaurants, the typical cuisine of Salento is a real art that is celebrated on every self-respecting table. From fish dishes, in coastal resorts, to grilled meat typical of the hinterland, you will only have to choose and you will discover, through the flavors, a fundamental part of this land. In this “road map of taste” we advise you where to go and what to eat.

ZOLLINO – In the countryside of Zollino, the selection of the seeds by local farmers has made it possible to preserve some particular types of legumes that enjoy the De.Co. “Pisello nano” and broad bean (with a more flattened appearance and a pod with no more than 5 seeds) are included in the traditional agri-food productions of the Apulia Region. Also famous are chickpea, black chickpea, lentils and white beans.

But Zollino is not just a land of legumes. The symbol of this village is the “scéblasti”, a dough of bread seasoned with courgettes, olives, onions, capers and chilli which in griko means “without shape”.

SPONGANO – It is the homeland of “cunserva mara“, a tasty homemade preserve obtained from the sun drying of sweet peppers, hot peppers and tomatoes, which are then mixed in a perfect sauce to be spread on wheat bread or bruschetta.

SECLI’– It is the village famous for the “bits” of horse meat, to which a festival is dedicated every year after August 15th. The main course is accompanied by other recipes, always based on horse meat, prepared by the butchers of the town.

ORTELLE – In October Ortelle, on the occasion of the feast of San Vito, celebrates the pig Or.Vi., raised according to ancient methods following a specific protocol. The result is a delicate and tasty meat, with which sausage, ribs, skewers and capocollo are packaged for grilling or boiled or with sauce. Typical of Ortelle is also the “pirilla”, a homemade bread flavored with pieces of tomato, pumpkin, onion, black olives and, sometimes, raisins.

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Natural oasis of Salento: the park “Litorale di Ugento”

7 Mar

Established in 2007, the “Litorale di Ugento” Natural Park covers about 1600 hectares in the area between Torre San Giovanni and Lido Marini. The reserve is characterized by a profound variety of landscapes that go from sandy beaches to rocky ones

From the place known as “Pazze” to Torre San Giovanni, in fact, the coast appears low and rocky, while from Torre San Giovanni to Lido Marini it becomes sandy and is characterized by a series of low dunes. Typical of this oasis are in fact the so-called “gravinelle“, or karst gullies carved into the rock by the water.

As for the Cesine, this park is also ideal for bird watching, since in the wetlands you can admire migratory birds such as herons, egrets and bitterns. Many other animals populate the woods such as fox, hedgehog, stone marten and badger.

The “Litorale di Ugento” Park is rich in natural habitats. Among rosemary, prickly juniper and pine forests, the rare and colorful orchids stand out.

The “Litorale di Ugento” Natural Park can be reached from Lecce by taking the west ring road towards Gallipoli and with the State Road 274 Gallipoli-Santa Maria di Leuca with the exit at Felline. The visitor center is in Piazza Adolfo Colosso in Ugento. To find out other natural parks in Salento, read here.

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Choose a villa close to the seaside for your next holidays

17 Gen

Are you looking at the horizon instead of filling in the invoices? Do you find yourself staring at the magnets of exotic places upon your fridge? Or, does the scent of freshly washed linen remind you of that memory of last summer? Well, it’s time to think about your next vacation! A villa close to the beach is the ideal solution for your summer 2021.

Even for next season, in fact, people will choose to spend their holidays in villas on the beach. There are numerous seaside resorts in Italy and Salento, with its kilometers of coastline washed by two seas, is the ideal destination for next summer.

In the garden relaxing with friends, or having lunch outside looking at the sea with the beach just a stone’s throw away. No, you are not daydreaming! It is the image of your stay if you decide to spend it in a villa on the beach. The independent solutions, a stone’s throw from the sea, represent an excellent location to spend your holidays in safety, in perfect balance between privacy, independence and cleanliness of the rooms.

Villa code m160

So, if you choose the Adriatic coast, facing the white sand of San Foca and its shallow and crystalline waters, a fantastic villa with direct access to the beach awaits you with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a covered veranda where you can relax at the sight of the blue of the sea.

Or near Lecce, very close to the unspoiled landscapes of the “Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio” regional natural park, you can stay in this large villa (4 bedrooms and two bathrooms) in Spiaggiabella. The outdoor garden (with Jacuzzi) will give you unique moments of relaxation and tranquility, away from the frenzy of everyday life.

The view of the sea of ​​Porto Miggiano with its suggestive inlet is perfectly enjoyable from the garden of this villa, ideal for comfort and elegance. Four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and two living rooms, created in rooms with vaulted ceilings in stone and finely furnished. The large garden, equipped with tables and chairs and embellished with plants, flowers and olive trees, is divided into comfortable terraced areas, separated by characteristic “muretti a secco”.

On the other side, the Ionian coast, the options are as many as on the Adriatic coast. You just have to choose the location: in the renowned Porto Cesareo, in the “La Strea” basin area, an elegant beachfront villa with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is what you will need to switch off, thanks to the well-kept garden with plants and flowers, equipped for relaxing afternoons to enjoy the summer breeze.

Or, in Sant’Isidoro (nearby Porto Cesareo), you will be a stone’s throw from the fine sandy beach, if you decide to stay in this spacious villa with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The covered veranda will be the perfect place for your outdoor dinners or lunches, enjoying a spectacular view.

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Discovering Salento, between sea and amusement parks: Ciuchino Birichino is waiting for you!

26 Mag

If you want to spend the day with your children outdoor and in contact with nature, the Adventure Park “Ciuchino Birichino” is what you have been looking for.

An area of ​​over 80 hectares will be the ideal place for adventure activities such as walking paths on old trees, trekking, orienteering, walking, carriage rides and more. Continua a leggere

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