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Tourism 2021, people are ready to travel!

7 Feb

Most people are ready to travel, while the other half are starting to plan their next holidays. The picture, offered by a recent eDreams study, is encouraging.

Italians also know well how they will want to spend their holidays in 2021. Local tourism, cleanliness of the environment, eco-sustainability are what travelers are looking for.

Let’s see the numbers in detail:

READY TO TRAVEL – 48% of Italians have already started planning holidays, while the remaining 32% are planning to do it so soon. At the thought of leaving, 47% of the sample said they were eager to leave in 2021.

WHERE TO GO – Local destinations prevail over long distances. People tend to stay in Italy, and prefer to travel by car. 42% of Italians prefer seaside resorts, followed by holidays dedicated to outdoor sports (21%), art city tours (17%) and wellness breaks (9%).

WHERE TO STAY – Villas with pools or holiday houses near the beaches are the favorite places to spend the holidays. Stays in environments for exclusive use for a small group of people and with high sanitation standards eliminate the risks and make people feel safer to move. All without giving up the comforts of a holiday.

CANCELLATION POLICIES – The flexibility in cancellation terms in case of unforeseen events related to the health emergency encourages tourists to book. For 69% of people, in fact, the guarantee of a refund / voucher in case of missed departure is an incentive.

MEN vs WOMEN – The demographic data on the difference in behavior at the gender level is interesting: men appear more fearful about leaving than women. Women, on the other hand, (71% vs 67%) pay more attention to bookings that guarantee a refund for travel cancellation.

YOUTH vs ADULTS – The study shows greater tranquility in facing the journey which is directly proportional to the age group. Travelers over 55 (8%) say they don’t need many guarantees to leave.

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The excellent Italian destination: dreaming of Salento ..

24 Apr


The Salento Region is perfectly connected to the boot of Italy and therefore for rest of central Europe. You can arrive independently by car, without using other means of transport, but directly from your homes. Given the good road connections even greater distances can be done in very reasonable time. Some advise, this year, to spend the holidays inside the peninsula.



We go from the enchanted sunrises of Otranto, to the romantic sunsets of Torre Vado, to pass through the authentic villages, scattered among the fragrant wild countryside. This sinuous patch of land caresses the sea without shaking it. The soft beaches kiss transparent water. Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo, Gallipoli, Torre Dell’Orso, San Foca, Pescoluse .. Few other areas of Italy are so dense with panoramic natural paintings, that you can live and feel your own. Relaxation to do what we like, how we like it. An ecstasy.

For those who want, can read a ranking of the best 20 Salentine beaches


Lecce offers real treasures, which you will appreciate walking: Piazza del Vescovato, Piazza Santo Oronzo with the amphitheater, the Church of Santa Croce. You can have an aperitif in the shadow of the Baroque, in the intriguing streets of the historic center. In this video, a fascinating journey through time, to relive the town in the various eras ..

Even Taranto, nestled between the Mar Piccolo and Mar Grande, can revive the ancient and magical atmospheres of Magna Graecia, with the exceptional MarTa museum.


You can choose to start from the authentic Salento villages, staying in one of them: Corigliano d’Otranto, Carpignano Salentino or focus on the elegant Galatina.


In Italy, good food cannot be missing on a self-respecting holiday and here you can satisfy all palates. Fish, meat and products of the earth color the tables and stimulate the appetite with inviting, refined aromas. It is beautiful to make a vegetable refined, already grown in the best way in a land full of sun. Taste and balance guaranteed.


To stay at your best, in a safe and independent way, a holiday villa is a perfect choice, both with swimming pool and on the beach. We can therefore, by slowing down the frenzy that pervades today’s materialistic life (abandoned for over a month), rediscover slow tourism, which enriches in the deep, as the writer of this interesting article claims. We in Salento have made a lifestyle out of slow life… 😉

Happy holiday

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