Fresh pasta, fried pasta and legumes, here’s how to prepare “Ciceri e tria”

17 Nov

“Ciceri e tria” is one of the famous first courses of Salento tradition. The dish is a combine of fresh pasta, fried pasta and chickpeas.

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Ingredients for 4 people:

For fresh pasta:

165 gr of water

150 gr of 00 flour

150 gr of re-milled durum wheat semolina

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

For the chickpeas:

150 gr of dried chickpeas

80 gr of white onions

2 cloves of garlic

3 sprigs of rosemary

1 fresh chili

Extra virgin olive oil

3 bay leaves

350 gr of vegetable stock

250 ml of seed oil


Soak the chickpeas the night before and prepare the vegetable stock; then chop the onion finely. Meanwhile, in a large pan pour the oil and two whole cloves of garlic peeled and then remove when well browned. Pour the chopped onion and cook over low heat adding water or vegetable stock. After 10 minutes, add the chopped pepper, rosemary and bay leaf.

Drain the chickpeas and pour them in the pan and let them cook covered with lid for about 2 hours, adding vegetable stock little by little.

Prepare the fresh pasta by sifting in a bowl the “00” flour and the re-milled semolina, then gradually pour the water at room temperature and the olive oil and knead until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, to wrap in film and let it stand for at least 30 minutes at room temperature.

Then, roll out the dough to create a sheet 2-3 mm thick. Make tagliatelle dividing into pieces of 8-9 cm in length and giving them a spiral shape. Then, let it dry for at least 2 hours. In a saucepan bring the seed oil to a temperature of 170 ° and fry 40% of the dried pasta. When the fried pieces are golden, drain them. Meanwhile, boil the pasta for about 1 minute and then add it to the chickpeas cooked in the pan. Serve the pasta and chickpeas and garnish with the fried tria. The result is a guaranteed!

To try the recipe and learn from live chef’s advice, you must come on holiday in one of our villas and book a cooking experience with the chef at home.

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