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Peppers with breadcrumbs, the recipe for a delicious side dish

17 Mar

Seasoned with breadcrumbs, peppers are a tasty side dish made with vegetables that are well suited to any type of meal. It is a recipe of the rural tradition of Salento. Here they are some tips on how to cook this dish.

To find out other typical dishes of Salento, look at the following link! Continua a leggere

Salento, land of pilgrimage at the Sanctuary of “Santi Medici” in Oria

13 Gen

Did you know that Salento is land of pilgrimages well? If you are faithful or interested in knowing every aspect of this land, just keep reading.

In Oria, near Brindisi, there is the oldest and most famous sanctuary of Salento: San Cosimo alla Macchia, dedicated to the cult of Santi Medici (the martyrs Cosmas and Damian who became saints because they used to practice medicine without pay).

Located in the open countryside, about 5 km from Oria, the sanctuary preserves the relics of the two saints, that’s why it is the destination of pilgrimage from all over Puglia. Continua a leggere

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