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A tour among the castles of Salento: Acaya

8 Mag

The castle of Acaya is emblem of the small fortified citadel just 8 km from Lecce and a precious testimony of feudalism in Salento. Built in 1506 by the knight Alfonso d’Acaya, the manor is one of the best examples of Renaissance defensive architecture in Terra D’Otranto.

The fortress, with a trapezoidal plan, is accessible via a single bridge. The fortified walls are reinforced by two circular towers. A staircase leads to the upper floor and to the rooms, including the bastion room, which houses a painting depicting the coat of arms of the Spanish kings, and a room embellished with a Lecce stone frieze inspired by the classical style.

Of great beauty is the 14th century fresco of the Dormitio Virginis that can be admired in the courtyard and the Ennagonal Room inside. Today, the castle is home to exhibitions and events.

THE VILLAGE – Originally called Segine, the small village, embraced by walls and a large moat, is located near Vernole and owes its name to the famous Acaya family who built the entire complex giving it the appearance of a fortified village and placing him at the head of his possessions.

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